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Pros / This software offers comprehensive tools to help you write stories, books, songs, poems and screenplays.

Cons / This software offers comprehensive tools to help you write stories, books, songs, poems and screenplays.

 Verdict / This is a great software program to find just the right word or phrase in your creative writing process, but it offers little help with story structure.

MasterWriter is much more than a tool for writers; it's an interconnected system of resources to help you find the best word or phrase for any story, script, novel, play or song. It can help you write with its lists of phrases, rhymes, parts of speech and pop culture sayings. This comprehensive creative writing software helps writers maintain narrative flow by using the multiple resources provided in this handy application. It offers 33,000 phrases, sayings and word combinations, as well as more than 100,000 rhymes and 36,000 rhyme phrases. In addition, this writing software has more than 12,000 icons and sayings from American and world culture compiled in the Pop Culture feature.

MasterWriter does not help you outline a story, book, play or other creative writing format. However, if you like to dabble in a variety of forms of creative writing, like stories, books, songs, poems, screenplays and playwriting, then this is a software package you’ll want to look into. It lacks standard tools to develop stories, characters, plots and conflicts, but it fosters creativity and variety through word and phrase choices offered in one succinct, easy-to-use application.

One of the best features of this writing software is Word Families. This is a reference dictionary and thesaurus in one that offers you the best words and phrases to make your writing precise and creative. You simply type in a word, and various uses of the word appear. You can get more options if you apply word filters, which let you extend or narrow your search for similar words. For example, if you click on Extended, five pages of words and sayings appear.

This creative writing software lets you further filter your choices by searching for different parts of speech, including all parts, adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs. Moreover, when you click on Verbs, you can search for the base verb, its plural, past tense or gerund form. The choices seem limitless.

As you use MasterWriter to find the words and phrases you need and their alternates, you can collect lists of words and phrases. This means you can create lists of words and phrases in Word Families, Phrases, Parts of Speech, Thesaurus, Rhymes, Rhymed Phrases and Pop Culture. You can view the lists at any time during the writing process by simply clicking the Collected tab to choose the word that suits your writing at that moment.

You can search for rhymes to any word and either broaden or narrow your searches. You can look for All Rhymes, Primary, Secondary and Pop Culture reference rhymes. MasterWriter can even give you phrases that rhyme with a word or words.

You get many helpful features with this program. One feature lets you create and store notes. The program also has a word processor and spell check. The Sketches feature is a place to write alternate ideas so you don't have to change your main text. If you click on the Split feature, you can view the Sketches screen beside your main screen to see the original and alternate side by side. The Split feature also works for notes, to see them beside your main text.

In addition, this software offers the only electronic version of the comprehensive Synonym Finder thesaurus. MasterWriter's built-in dictionary is the fourth edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

This creative writing software offers many customer support options, including FAQs and useful tutorials. Email and phone support are available if you have questions or problems to which you can't find answers or solutions.

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MasterWriter is one of the most comprehensive collections of writing tools and reference dictionaries to help you write more creatively and precisely. It's a vast electronic compendium of synonyms and words with similar meanings as well as useful phrases, compiled in a simple, easy-to-use application. This creative writing software isn't designed to help you learn narrative structure; it lacks tools to develop characters, plots, conflicts and stories. But it's a great resource for finding and collecting words and phrases that will help you write with finesse and precision.

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