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Pros / Storybase creative writing software is good at helping you develop characters.

Cons / Storybase lacks genre and story outlines, structure templates, a dictionary, thesaurus and other writing tools.

 Verdict / This software can help you create interesting characters and conflicts, but it lacks most tools for overall story development that you'll find in better applications.

Storybase is simple creative writing software that helps you create good characters and conflicts. It has a database of conflict situations, or narrative elements, to help you produce outlines. This writing software can spark your inspiration through the 2,363 narrative scenarios it provides. It allows you to come up with ideas that you previously may not have considered.

The downside to Storybase is its lack of features and tools. It has no structure templates, genre outlines or story outlines. While it offers a word processor, this writing software lacks key tools such as spell check, word count, the ability to import and export documents, a dictionary and a thesaurus.

You create characters in Storybase by giving them names. You define their attributes by choosing from a host of descriptive characteristics in different tabs such as Mindset, Conflicts and Thrusts. You even pick Leads, or action lines, for your stories. For example, a character named Alex could "try to emulate a relative" or "take drastic measures to achieve an urgent objective"– or a host of other scenarios provided in Storybase.

This software's interface is simple to use. You can arrange your character creation tool and writing document side by side or with one on top of the other. The interface offers a standard toolbar and dropdown menus. Overall, it appears a bit antiquated, with mostly grey surface areas and small toolbar buttons, although it works fine given its limited features.

Storybase's built-in tutorial is easy to use. It follows a step-by-step process that allows almost anyone to easily learn the application. We give it points because it's not over-written like some tutorials. This software offers FAQs, email support and phone support. Company representatives quickly responded to our email and phone queries.

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Storybase can help you to develop narrative ideas through its varied character trait options and conflict choices. It's easy to use, with simple features and tools. The software lacks genre and story outlines and structure templates, though. Additionally, there's no spell check, dictionary or thesaurus. Nevertheless, the application works well for character development and direction, which can be a boon for any writer.

Storybase 2.0 Visit Site