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Pros / This software’s interface is modern and intuitive with the best toolbars of any software in our lineup.

Cons / Writer's Blocks offers no direction for developing characters, plots, conflicts or stories.

 Verdict / This software offers an effective system for tracking individual story components, but it’s designed for seasoned writers and won’t help new writers with basic writing skills.

If you like to compartmentalize, you'll like Writer's Blocks. This creative writing software allows you to write any story, book or other writing project within blocks, one after another in vertical columns. This creates a structural strategy for organizing your ideas.

Each block can hold an idea, thought, story element or anything you want to write. You can write as much as you want in one block and scroll within the block to view the entire text. You can color-code blocks and rearrange them by dragging and dropping with your mouse or arranging them in vertical columns through the Arrange Blocks feature in the Display toolbar. Columns can work as visual guides for organization when you’re writing a story.

The interface is modern, sleek and intuitive. Its toolbars are the best of any products' in our creative software reviews lineup. It's a generalized method to jot down individual thoughts, ideas and story elements and view them within blocks in vertical columns on your screen. However, there is no direction given as to the organization of your blocks. It's up to you to decide what to do with those blocks and the elements they contain. It is designed for seasoned writers who already have a firm grasp on the writing process. Most experienced writers will like this kind of autonomy when writing a novel or screenplay, but the majority of novice writers will want more structure and direction.

This creative writing software does not offer story development features like other programs we reviewed. There are no features to help develop your characters, plots, conflicts, stories or other elements. It does not help you to brainstorm or give examples of different genres or of good writing. However, it is extremely effective in helping experienced writers keep track of the elements that comprise their various writing projects. For instance, an author working on a series of novels can use this program to keep track of the complex, interrelated components of a developing storyline.

The blocks are linked to a manuscript format, a standard word processing document within Writer's Blocks. When you are done writing within your blocks, you may insert them into the manuscript with the click of a button. The written content of your blocks then appears in sequence within a document on your screen.

You can work in different panel views to show only your manuscript or block panel view, or you can show both the manuscript and blocks side by side. There's even a neutral area on the perimeter of the block area to place blocks if you don't know where to fit them into your organization.

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This application earns praise for its ease of use, modernity and intuitive nature, as well as for its built-in instructional guide, which progresses step by step through the actual block system. Nevertheless, it loses points for not having better direction to help writers craft established structures. We recognize, however, that some may see this as a benefit, especially seasoned writers who don't need much guidance.

Writer's Blocks 4 Visit Site