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Rosetta Stone Japanese Level 1 Review

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PROS / Rosetta Stone Japanese is intuitive and easy to use, includes a headset and allows you to interact with tutors and students online.

CONS / The online features are free for just three months, and there are no grammar rule explanations. There are no dictionary or translation functions either.

 VERDICT / This software can help you quickly learn and retain an extensive Japanese vocabulary with fun games and image-word association activities.

Learning Japanese can be quite intimidating. However, our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner, Rosetta Stone Japanese, helps you learn to converse, whether you are ordering at a restaurant, touring Japan or just trying to enrich your life with another language.

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Rosetta Stone has provided language programs for over 20 years, helping people all over the world learn with its interactive lessons and language immersion method. These Japanese lessons use intuitive image-word association techniques instead of having you memorize long lists of vocabulary and grammar rules.

Rosetta Stone Japanese uses a mix of images and voice clips from native speakers to teach vocabulary. This method isn't anything to be scared of, and you will retain the meanings better and learn faster as you associate the words you hear with the images you see on the screen. The built-in speech recognition system lets you practice your pronunciation and compare it against a native speaker's pronunciation.

The core lessons include a few grammar exercises, but it is disappointing that this software does not include in-depth grammar explanations to help you fully grasp grammar fundamentals. In addition to the audio and image exercises, Rosetta Stone Japanese displays Japanese words in hiragana and kanji during the lessons. This helps you get used to seeing the Japanese alphabet so you can recognize words when you read a book, menu or sign.

Rosetta Stone offers three levels of Japanese language learning, and you can purchase all three levels together or separately, in digital or DVD format. Overall, it is one of the more expensive language programs, but the quality tools Rosetta Stone employs make it one of the best learn Japanese software programs available.

Teaching Tools

Rosetta Stone includes nearly all the teaching tools we look for in the best Japanese learning software. As you progress through the lessons, you learn how to speak without a script and build your vocabulary by matching words with pictures, practicing with flashcards and fun word games. Each exercise has a simple set of options, and you can easily return to the main menu at any point.

Rosetta Stone Japanese includes a three-month membership to TOTALe, a website where you can take personal lessons with an online tutor, play interactive games and participate with student communities. There is an additional fee to continue beyond the three months, but the core course is always accessible to you.

The speech recognition exercises of this Japanese software help you improve your pronunciation by recording you speaking phrases, then analyzing them against a native speaker. This is a great way to practice what you're learning and get immediate feedback about your comprehension and accent.

Additional Features

Rosetta Stone Japanese is an easy program to use and navigate. The software has an excellent progress-tracking feature. It compiles records of your performance on one screen, allowing you to easily see what you have completed and how well you have done. This is a great way to identify where you need the most practice. Rosetta Stone also gives you full control of which lessons you do and in what order. Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone Japanese does not include a built-in dictionary or translation tool.

The software comes with a headset and microphone so you can participate online and complete the pronunciation activities. Rosetta Stone provides mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and you can also use the audio companion to download lessons onto your MP3 player. These mobile options are a great way to take the learning with you wherever you go.

Help & Support

Rosetta Stone provides excellent support for its Japanese learning software. The user manual and FAQs answer most questions you will have, and customer service is responsive to emails and phone calls. The software works on both Mac and PC computers, and you can install it on up to two computers with as many as five unique users.


It doesn't have to be hard to learn Japanese, and Rosetta Stone Japanese proves it. This software is well worth the price because it makes the learning process so simple and intuitive. It gives you an easy way to learn the language without the stress of a classroom, and you can work at your own pace and have fun with fellow students online.