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Learn It Now Spanish Premier Review

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PROS / With audio lessons, adjustable audio and speech recording, this program is a good fit for strong auditory learners.

CONS / Installation takes longer than it does for most of the other Spanish learning software we reviewed.

 VERDICT / Learn It Now is one of the best programs for self-motivated Spanish learners, especially those who favor the auditory learning style.

Learn It Now is learn Spanish software that knows how to cover its ground. Whether you learn best from listening, seeing or doing, this program has activities that appeal to your learning style. Learn It Now has audio lessons, flashcards, and several speaking and interactive games that help you get the hang of the Spanish language.

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Interactive exercises in Learn It Now appeal to all corners of your brain. They include Recognize and Write It flashcards, the Four Square memory test, Produce and Say It verbal flashcards, dictation writing exercises, and conversation practices. Each of these exercises flexes a different Spanish skill, including writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation and memory. An entire unit takes about an hour to complete and contains three lessons. Lessons vary between identifying new words, recording your own speech, mixing and matching words, taking dictation, and practicing conversation.

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One of the most engaging activities in Learn It Now is the pronunciation practice. Here, you can record and re-record selections at your own pace and as many times as you need. Once you record the selection, you can listen to your voice and compare it to the native speaker in the learning Spanish software's recording. When you're satisfied with your attempt, you can submit the recording.

In addition to pronunciation games, Learn It Now has several fun activities that center on conversations. After you hear a scripted conversation between two native Spanish speakers, you repeat the conversation yourself in spoken and written exercises.

One unique conversation exercise in Learn It Now allows you to take the place of one of the speakers. You select your role, then read or respond to the prompt in Spanish as a replacement for the original Spanish speaker. This improves your sense of timing, speed and progression through a common Spanish conversation.

Being able to submit as many speech attempts as you want is helpful to the language learning process, as it encourages you to perfect your Spanish pronunciation and speed. However, this software doesn't grade your attempts with an accuracy meter. This is a common feature of the best learn Spanish software that gauges how closely your attempt comes to the native speaker's recording. Instead, you have to compare it to the prerecorded selection yourself in this software.

Learn It Now is one of the few programs with a slowed speech option. This feature, often seen as a turtle icon, slows the prerecorded clip so you can hear the words closely. This is especially useful for practicing phrases and longer sentences, but the audio doesn't slow gracefully. The slowed-down audio sounds hollow and warped. Even though it sounds strange, you can hear the individual syllables clearly.

Depending on your Spanish skill level and learning style, you can follow the linear learning path or skip lessons and topics as needed. When you begin, each exercise in the lesson provides short instructions and outlines what you'll learn in the activity. Lessons in each unit use the same kinds of activities, so these introductions cease after you've completed your first section.

This Spanish learning software offers a companion app for iPhone or iPad. You also have the option to learn via audio-only lessons that you can listen to on any device that plays MP3s. So you’re not tied to your computer to learn Spanish with this product.

It took about 17 minutes to install this software on our test computers. This is a longer install time than most of the software on our side-by-side comparison chart required. Some programs only took one minute to install. The average install time among the software on our lineup was about 10 minutes.

If you have a customer support issue, you can contact the company via telephone or apply for a refund on its website. There is no FAQs section for this software. However, if you need help, you can log in to its live chat service to connect to a customer service representative.


Learn It Now is a comprehensive Spanish learning program that appeals to all learning types. While it has activities for visual and kinesthetic learners, it may appeal to auditory learners most because of the many speaking and listening activities. Paired with a Spanish class or other tools, this program can pave the way to Spanish fluency.

Learn It Now Spanish Premier Visit Site