Pros / Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe offers individual accounts for multiple people.

Cons / The software sometimes crashes when you use the voice recognition feature.

 Verdict / Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe teaches the fundamentals of the language and offers several learning options.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe is an effective learn Spanish product that provides helpful computer conversations, tests and a variety of other features to help you acquire Spanish fluency. Learn to Speak Deluxe includes 35 lessons of core curriculum and 25 extended practice lessons, which makes for a great learn Spanish program.

When you start Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe, you have the option of creating individual accounts for an unlimited number of students. This allows each person in your family a separate login and progress-tracking section. This is a great way to save money while the entire family is working at different levels to learn Spanish together.

Pre-tests help you gauge where your skill level stands, and post-tests assist you in determining where you need more practice. The computer conversations are quite helpful, allowing you the power to dictate the direction of the conversation as you converse with a computer-generated voice. This is not only fun, but also a useful practice tool.

The feature set is well organized and offers a variety of applications, including a convenient feature that allows you to select the area of language acquisition you would like to study. The game section, however, could use improvement; the only games offered were Go Fish and a crossword puzzle. With the addition of a few more games, this software would be far more fun to use.

Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe does not come with a headset.

The software navigation is well designed. It is intuitive and straightforward. You begin with basics for beginners then move on to the language essentials segment, including pronunciation and basic vocabulary. The flow is natural, not choppy.

The installation is simple, except for the speech recognition portion of the application. Each time we attempted to apply this feature, the software crashed -- and often crashed the entire computer.

The help and documentation section of this application is excellent. There are audio instructions detailing what is required on each page. This product also includes a helpful reference book.

This application is an excellent tool when it comes to covering many of the fundamentals of language acquisition. It does a great job of incorporating pictures to aid in language development. However, it would be advantageous for language learners to have access to more writing and speech-recognition opportunities, as these help you retain the language basics better. A verb root-word search would also be a helpful addition.

You get solid help and support with this product. You get an email address and phone support. In addition, there are tutorials, a user manual and a FAQs section.

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This software is a useful grammar tool that delivers an in-depth study of Spanish grammar rules. This software is a fine choice.Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe teaches the fundamentals of language acquisition and offers a variety of learning options.

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