Pros / Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor comes with an unlimited number of typing lessons to practice.

Cons / This Mac typing software doesn’t have typing tests or practice articles for you to type.

 Verdict / This software is geared toward children, but adults can also use it to learn typing skills.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is Mac typing software from Runtime Revolution Ltd. It is designed for a young audience, but adults can learn to type with it as well, though they may find it a bit simplistic. The software comes with a wide variety of typing exercises, goal-oriented games and a friendly guide character.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor doesn’t display your adjusted words per minute (AWPM), which shows how fast you type when you factor in your typing errors. Instead, this software only calculates your words per minute (WPM). AWPM is more widely used than the flat WPM rate, particularly among employers.

Like many other types of typing programs for Macs, Ten Thumbs Typing allows you to import music from your personal library to listen to while you type. What distinguishes this software is that you can type the lyrics to your favorite songs. Typing lyrics as you listen to them can help you learn to type with rhythm.

In all other regards, Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is an exceptional Mac typing software application. A great asset of this software is its seemingly endless amount of options. You can learn how to type on a QWERTY or Dvorak keyboard, or both. You can also select a username and password, record your typing goals and determine how long you want your lessons to last.

Unfortunately, Ten Thumbs Typing doesn’t offer practice articles or typing tests. It is a regrettable shortcoming, though the lessons themselves serve as a substitute testing method. The lesson scores look similar to the test results from other Mac typing software.

Though it only has two games, they are both entertaining. Unlike the games found in other Mac typing software, these games are based on timing, with a win/lose format to encourage you to increase both your speed and accuracy. Games that do not have a timed or win/lose option focus merely on increasing accuracy while doing nothing to increase speed.

Many Mac typing software applications teach multiple keys at a time, which can be overwhelming for younger learners. This software teaches you one key at a time, and asks whether you’re ready to learn another key or if you’d prefer to continue practicing the ones you already know. You can adjust the settings to advance you to the next lesson automatically if you’d prefer.

If you want to work on your typing, the Extra Practice Wizard is there to help. You can spend your time on the keys you have the hardest time hitting, import text from an outside source or practice a set of keys you select. The wizard can help you remember which finger you should use to strike a certain key.

At the end of a lesson, this Mac typing software displays a progress report. This report shows your WMP rate and compares it to your typing goal. It also displays accuracy as a percentage, lists the keys you're best and worst at typing, and even delivers personalized comments on your progress. You can print the report as a certificate.

This Mac typing software is easy to navigate, so children can use it on their own. The menu is located along the bottom of the screen. It includes lessons, reports, extra practice sessions, two games, an options menu and a help section. The software displays your music selection at the top of your screen.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor provides a handy Review Habits feature to help you get the most out of your typing lessons. These habits cover everything from proper typing posture to helpful tips to assist you in increasing your skill, speed and accuracy. The friendly Viking, who acts as a help guide throughout the software, reminds you not to look at the keys while you type and to persevere through the lessons.

The software automatically saves your results so you don’t have to remember to save your work as you go. It includes detailed instructions for all aspects of the software to make sure that you spend your time learning to type, not figuring out how to use this Mac typing software application. It’s also multiple-user software, which means you can save each individual user's information under password-protected usernames, making each person’s learning experience unique.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor has good help and support. The company offers downloadable updates to ensure that you will never be out of touch with the latest developments. Additionally, you can receive tech support and help via email, phone, online forums, mail or on their website's FAQs page. The software also comes with a user manual. Unlike most other Mac typing software applications we reviewed, the manual doesn’t open as a PDF file that is separate from the software. Rather, it is included as part of the software's interface.

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Although Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is oriented specifically to teach kids who need to improve their typing skills, it can also be a useful tool to teach adults how to type. This Mac typing software comes with an unlimited number of lessons because they are computer generated, but it doesn’t come with practice articles or tests. If you’re happy using only computer-generated lessons, this software will do a good job of teaching you how to type.

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