Pros / Type Fu has basic exercises that make increasing your typing speed fun.

Cons / With no games or tutorials, there is little variety with this software.

 Verdict / Type Fu is a clean, simple and basic typing program for Mac with an engaging, fast-paced process but few extras.

Type Fu is very basic Mac typing software in terms of design, functionality and features. While it's not the best typing software out there, it has a lot to recommend it. It's easy and fun to use and effective in helping you become a faster typist. You can easily download it for a reasonable price if you have Google Chrome or purchase it through the Mac Apple store.

This typing software for Mac has several basic typing exercises to choose from, including ones for letters, numbers, words, quotes and even proverbs, so you can practice everything from basic keystrokes to complete sentences. The program lets you practice each exercise before taking the timed test, or you can go directly to the next timed test. The program is clean and responds quickly with no lag time. One of our favorite features of this software is the satisfying click you get with each keystroke, which is reminiscent of an old electric typewriter. Parents who remember using manual typewriters may find this especially gratifying, but it can be fun for teens too.

There are no child-friendly games or activities to keep younger children engaged, but there are a variety of exercises to help teens and adults improve their skills and increase their typing speed. A basic knowledge of touch typing helps, but there are basic letter exercises that can help you with finger placement and get you accustomed to the keyboard if you're a beginning typist as well. You also won't find the detailed tutorials you get with many programs to walk you through the fundamentals of typing, making this software better for someone who already knows the basics than someone starting from scratch.

It's fun to compete for a new personal-best time with this typing tutor, and the tests move at a rapid pace. Each is just seconds long. Other programs time you over a minute or more, which is another effective method, but with an entirely different feel. Type Fu also lets you correct your mistakes at a fast pace. In this age of word processors, we are used to correcting errors as fast as we make them, so it's nice to have a program that reflects that.

You can also correct your errors without being penalized. Of course, the more errors you correct, the slower your time, but that is also a reflection of real-world typing. People who are being timed generally type more slowly than they are capable of typing in the real world. The way this program is set up, we feel it has the potential to test actual typing speeds more accurately.

This program has statistics charts that show your accuracy and typing speed history, so you can chart your progress over time. You can contact customer service via email and also seek answers in the helpful user forums, which is an uncommon service among the products in our Mac typing software reviews.

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Type Fu is simple Mac typing software with few extras and basic features, but it has plenty to keep you engaged while you improve your typing skills. The pacing is one of the best things about this software. You can tear through each exercise in a fraction of a minute and rapidly improve your typing speed in the process. While you won't find a lot of tutorials for fundamental skills or games to engage young children, this is a great tool for parents and teens who already have basic typing skills.

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