Pros / This software has a wide variety of tutorials, exercises and games to help you improve your typing skills.

Cons / There are no exercises devoted to improving your number or 10-key skills.

 Verdict / Typesy is feature-rich software that beginners and intermediate typists can use to hone their typing skills, with its wide range of exercise, tests, games, activities and progress reports.

Typesy, formerly Ultimate Typing, is well-suited Mac typing software for beginners just learning how to type and for people who just want to brush up on their skills and learn to type faster with more accuracy. This typing software has a large variety of tools and tutorials to teach the fundamentals of typing, making it a valuable tool for people of all ages.

This software has video tutorials to help you with each step of the process. It has a series of videos specifically for beginners. For instance, there is a separate video for each row of the keyboard that tells you where to place your fingers and which finger strikes which keys. There are also plenty of tools to help intermediate typists build on skills they've already started to develop.

You can watch tutorials for posture and typing technique, which is important for beginners as well as people who have been typing for a while and may need to eliminate bad habits. The better your typing skills, the quicker you can complete tasks at work or even in your personal internet time.

This software is extremely easy to use. From the homepage, you can easily navigate to all of the software's features. You can access exercises and tests that help you build your speed and accuracy and even develop dictation skills. The emphasis on dictation is a nice addition that can help you transcribe audio files into Word documents. There is a page with a variety of games and activities that appeal to younger typists but can also entertain adults looking to brush up on their skills. Typesy has over 500 lessons to choose from, which far exceeds most of the programs in our Mac typing software reviews.

You can also access graphs and statistics of how you are improving over time from the homepage. When you first start using the software, you set goals for yourself, and the statistics page lets you map your progress in meeting them. However, there are no exercises focused specifically on improving your number or 10-key skills in this package, which many other programs offer to give you comprehensive mastery of the keyboard.

Typesy has some of the best customer support options of any typing program for Mac. You can contact customer service representatives via email, and they are good about responding. There is also a helpful FAQs section and extensive selection of video tutorials on the website. One of the few customer service features it lacks is phone support. Another bonus of this software is the option it gives you to set up as many as five user accounts with each package you purchase, so you and several family members can have separate accounts.

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Typesy is a feature-filled Mac typing tutor with extensive video tutorials and hundreds of exercises to help you become a better and faster typist. This software also helps you with dictation skills, though it lacks 10-key and number skills training. It works well for beginning typists and people looking to brush up on skills they already have, and there are plenty of games to keep younger typists engaged.

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