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Spelling Software Review

Why Use Spelling Software?

Between social media, email and texting, your child’s spelling (not to mention your own) is on display for everyone to see. While most technologies check spelling for you, they cannot differentiate word usage. The only way to ensure everything is spelled correctly and avoid embarrassment is to learn how to spell. Spelling software can help you do just that.

You can use spelling software to teach simple words to your children or to learn difficult words for yourself. The best spelling software will not only teach you how to spell a word, but also its meaning and pronunciation. We’ve tested several different types of spelling software and found that Ultimate Spelling, Spelling Made Simple and Spelling Force v2 are the best spelling software applications available. Read our articles about spelling software for more information.

Spelling Software: What to Look For

The way you or your child learns will determine what kind of software you will want to get. The best spelling software offers interactive games, fun activities and educational lessons that all teach how to spell. Additionally, they will provide resources to further the learning apart from the spelling lessons on the computer. Progress charts, graphs or reports that demonstrate progress are equally important so that you can see what areas you or your child need to work on. We also looked for software that offered technical support in case you need help while operating the software.

Spelling Tools
The tools a software has can have a large impact on how much you or your children learn. The best spelling software will have a large word database to choose from or several built-in word lists. Also, look for software that allows you to add in your own words and spelling lists so you can customize the words you want to learn.

Another important feature is the number of games, activities or lessons that come included with the software. This greatly determines how entertaining the game is and can affect how motivated your child will be to learn. In addition, software that includes teaching tools such as audio, repetition and sentence creation all help with retention.

Additional Resources
Online word lists can improve how effective spelling software is for your child. If the software offers online word lists in addition to the included database, or the feature to upload your own, you can create a huge database filled with the words you want the software to teach.

It is also helpful when spelling software includes printable resources. The most effective resources are activities, worksheets and flashcards that are coordinated with the lessons and use the same words. Seeing the words in a different format can help learners stay focused and give you or your child another method for learning how to spell. Some spelling software programs are also compatible with tablets and smartphones.

Progress Reports
The best spelling software will include some form of a progress report, whether it is a graph, chart or data. Progress reports let you see exactly what you are getting right and wrong. A progress report that is easy to read and shows you the areas you need to improve on is the most beneficial.

Help & Support
For the most part, spelling software should be easy to navigate and use. However, it should come with a user guide, as well as contact information in case you need technical support. Some spelling software manufacturers offer forums and FAQs so you can help yourself on minor issues by visiting the company's website.

Learning how to spell can be fun and effective. Look for programs that include a large word database, the option to add more words and interactive lessons. The best spelling software has as much or more substance to the program as entertainment. Through effective lessons, games and activities, you and your children will be able to improve your spelling.