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Pros / This spelling software teaches you how to spell the 800 most common words in the English language. ClickN Spell also has an audio recording of each word and a sentence that uses the word in it. The additional resources are helpful and the progress reports are in-depth.

Cons / You can't add your own words, definitions or sentences to this spelling software. It also has a set pace at which it moves, which may be frustrating if you want to move faster or slower.

 Verdict / ClickN Spell effectively teaches how to spell basic words by helping you through two spelling activities and a test. Cosmo Cat, the animated character that walks you through the lessons, makes it fun for kids.

Editor’s Note: This service has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it no longer meets the criteria of this review site. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this service’s information.

ClickN Spell makes learning to spell fun. It has several animated characters, including Cosmo Cat, who interact with one another and make comments to you as well. The interface for this spelling software, which is actually an online service, is a lot more inviting than other similar software we reviewed. In addition to this, ClickN Spell teaches you 800 of the most common words in the English language.

Spelling Tools

This spelling software has 100 established lessons and teaches you 800 common English words. You can't add in your own spelling words so this may be frustrating if you want to learn specific terms. However, if you're looking to improve your spelling but you're not sure which words you should start with, this spelling software will teach you all the basic words you should know.

This spelling software doesn't define the spelling words but it does use the words in a sentence. Although some of the other applications we reviewed allow you to change the sentence that accompanies the words, ClickN Spell does not.

Cosmo Cat directs you from the Spelling Station to the Practice Pod and then on to the Testing Terrace. The spelling test, activities and lessons are all similar, but "Practice makes Peerrrrrrrfect," as Cosmo Cat says. If you misspell a word, this spelling software shows you the way you spelled it and the correct spelling. We would have liked to have more repetition for the words you spell incorrectly in order to remember it better. However, it has you spell the word until you get it right. If you feel like you need additional training, you can repeat the lesson.

It can take a little time for the characters to move from one exercise to another, so if your goal is to move quickly through the spelling activities, this spelling software may be a little frustrating. You can skip the intro but the other animation plays through without the option to skip it. However, the animation does add a fun quality to the learning experience.

Supplemental Learning Activities

You can print the word lists. ClickN Spell also provides printable worksheets and flashcards. Some of these word lists and flashcards are Dolch sight words. ClickN Kids links to a list of all the words and the lessons each word is taught in.




Progress Reports

Multiple users can interact with ClickN Spell. The spelling software keeps track of each user's progress in the system. This is convenient so you can pick up where you left off without having to start the lessons over or pick up in someone's place.

This spelling software tracks your scores and provides a progress report for the specific spelling test or lesson you've completed. At the end of each lesson, you can see which words you missed and how you scored. You can also view a report that lists all the lessons and statistics. The report includes the letter sound, lesson number and other information to help you identify how each user is performing.

Help & Support

The website has a ClickN Spell user guide. You must log in to access the customer support page, but once you have logged in, you can read FAQs. You can also find email and phone support information. Additionally, ClickN Spell comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


ClickN Spell teaches you 800 of the most common words in the English language in 100 lessons. Each lesson consists of two spelling activities and one spelling test. After each lesson, you can see how you scored. You can also access a report that provides information on all the lessons you've completed. To enhance your spelling lessons, you can print off additional worksheets from the ClickN Spell as well. Overall, this spelling software can help you improve your spelling while keeping you entertained.

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