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Spell Track Review

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PROS / This software's colorful interface appeals to children.

CONS / Spell Track doesn't come with many activities or games.

 VERDICT / While this software is generally effective in teaching spelling, it doesn't offer as many learning resources and features as other spelling programs.

Spell Track's basic spelling software teaches both children and adults how to spell. With a simple and colorful interface, the software is easy to navigate, even for young children. It has a small word database in comparison to other spelling software, though – just 400 words – and not many other resources.

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However, you can add your own words, which means you can increase the difficulty and expand the overall learning experience, which makes the software flexible enough for children and adults. In fact, the company designed this software with an eye toward helping adults with dyslexia and other disorders practice spelling. This spelling software can teach youngsters in elementary school through high school and also serves as a learning tool for adults struggling to improve their spelling.

There are only two spelling exercises in the software – one to learn words, and one to test your learning. In the lesson, you become familiar with a group of words by completing a series of activities that introduce you to the way you say and spell them. It has you select the letters that make up the word from a list of random letters. Once you find all the letters that make up the word, Spell Track has you type the word. The word you type completes a sentence on the screen. You complete this process five times. Once you feel confident you have mastered the words, the testing exercise has you spell all your words and gives you instant feedback on your progress.

The software does not include any supplemental learning activities to help you or your child work on spelling in a method other than online. Some of the best spelling applications offer such things as word lists, activities and flashcards that you can print out to use for spelling drills. All these items are useful for youngsters who might need to see words in a manner other than on a computer screen, both for learning and just for extra practice. You also do not get the spelling games for kids that other spelling software applications include. Games might seem frivolous, but they offer extra practice disguised as fun.

However, if you want printed materials, you can buy additional spelling worksheets for a small fee. For tracking the progress of your learning, there is a brief report feature that shows you how well you are doing. The software allows for multiple users and tracks their progress separately, which is ideal for homes with multiple learners. Spell Track's website offers technical support only by email.


Spell Track is high on simplicity. The interface is basic, and the learning process is simple. The exercises take you through a process of listening to the word, discovering the letters that make up the word, spelling out the word and using it in a sentence. It is an effective tool for learning both how to spell and how to use words. However, you do not get the benefit of such things as built-in printable materials or entertaining games to accommodate different learning styles and give you variety in your or your child's spelling practice.

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