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SpellQuizzer Review

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PROS / SpellQuizzer offers over 10,000 words you can download into its database, and you have the option to add more.

CONS / This spelling software doesn't have games or activities.

 VERDICT / SpellQuizzer database and customization abilities make it greatly versatile in what you can learn with it thousands of words, but its teaching methods are more restrictive.

SpellQuizzer is a basic spelling program that teaches people of all ages how to spell by quizzing you on specific words. With the ability to customize the word database, you can alter the program to your desired difficulty level. You can add your own words, record pronunciations and enter in definitions. While this makes the spelling software adaptable, one thing it does lack are the games and activities of competing products. Despite this, the software is still versatile enough to earn the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for spelling software.

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Spelling Tools

This program includes sample lists for grades one to five, with each list containing five sample words. When you first run the software, it has 25 sample words in its database, with an audio recording and example sentence for each word. While this seems like a small number, you can download more than 10,000 words from word lists available on the SpellQuizzer website, or you can add your own words, sentences and audio recordings. The lessons progress in difficulty as you or your child learn more concepts and move along in this spelling software's learning plan. You can also export lists, which is a handy tool for pulling spelling lists offline so you or your child can study just about anywhere.

SpellQuizzer offers one format to test your spelling. The spelling test asks you to spell a word either through an audio recording or through a message that appears on the screen. If you spell the word correctly, then the software moves on to the next word and presents it to you. If you spell the original word incorrectly, then a prompt appears with the correct spelling next to your misspelled word. After you complete the list, you have the option to retry all of the words you misspelled or progress to the next list.

Supplemental Learning Activities

While SpellQuizzer offers a database of over 10,000 words, there are no spelling exercises, worksheets, flashcards or other resources that you can print to supplement the word lists. With only a spelling test feature, this software has the potential to become mundane. Some children and adults learn best through different kinds of games and activities, and this software limits that learning. However, you do have access to extra word lists.

Progress Reports

Your progress shows on a display screen that tells you only how many words you misspelled and allows you to keep taking the test until you get them all correct. There is no report of the specific words you spelled correctly or incorrectly. Without an assessment of which words you miss, it can be hard to continuously work on words you are having trouble spelling.

The manufacturer offers technical support. This spelling program has a user guide within it, so you can search for a solution without accessing the internet. The website also features the user guide, as well as an email for customer service and technical support.


SpellQuizzer is straightforward spelling software that can help you learn virtually endless spelling words. The software program offers a testing feature, but no other games or activities, so this might not be the best spelling software if you or your child need greater flexibility in studying tools. There are additional spelling lists online, but no other additional resources. However, you can add your own words to the database, so if you have a set list of words you want to learn or teach your child in their homeschool spelling curriculum, SpellQuizzer is one of the best spelling programs to help you master them.

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