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Pros / Ultimate spelling offers over 140,000 words in its database, with the option to add more.

Cons / This spelling software features more mature lessons and games and may not be appealing to young children.

 Verdict / While Ultimate Spelling is not appealing to young children, its games and activities are entertaining for most students and adults, making the software a great tool to learn how to spell.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been rebranded to the name 7Spell. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Ultimate Spelling is a helpful tool that can teach you or your children how to spell. It has over 140,000 words available in its database, and this spelling software offers audio recordings, spelling exercises, games and definitions to help you learn with whatever platform suits you best. If you want to learn words that are not included in the database, you can add your own spelling words and designate where they show up in the program. The software comes with several outside resources to help you learn to spell, including printable lists, worksheets and flashcards. 

Spelling Tools

 With a database of 140,000 words and the option to add more, this is the best spelling software to help anyone from elementary school students to struggling adults. The word difficulties range from grades one through 10, and the software even includes vocabulary words to help you prep for the GRE, SAT or TOEFL. The design matches the broad educational range: The software is neutral in design so that children and adults alike can easily use it.

Ultimate Spelling allows you to create your own custom word lists and add them to the database. This is especially useful if you are trying to learn a new language or you have a specific set of words you want to learn.

In addition to teaching you how to spell words, Ultimate Spelling can teach you what words mean and how to pronounce them. To hear a word pronounced, you can press the Hear Word button or use the Auto Play setting to play the audio track automatically with a word when it appears on the screen.

Ultimate Spelling offers different methods of learning how to spell. The software has two types of exercises: Spelling Workout and Flash Cards. When you misspell a word in the Spelling Workout, the application shows the correct spelling below and then requires you to retype the word, which gives you a chance to correct the spelling in order to help you remember how to spell it. Plus, it shows you the correct spelling so you learn how to spell it correctly and don't keep making the same mistakes.

This software also includes spelling games that are fun for both kids and adults. They use the same spelling words from your exercises to help you become familiar with them. The Spelling Fun section includes games called Word Search, Save Stick Man, Crazy Clues, Super Scrambler and Junior Crossword, and the Vocabulary Fun section has Drag n Drop, Word Choose and Word Tag. These games are a fun way to learn and keep your kids motivated to keep working on their spelling words. As you play the vocabulary and spelling games, the software shows you how many points you are gaining, the number of words you have spelled and more.

Another useful feature in this spelling software is Word Messenger. Once you enable this tool, Ultimate Spelling periodically provides a pop-up in the corner of your screen, similar to that of an instant message, as you work on other tasks on your computer. The pop-up shows a word from your spelling list. If you click on the pop-up, it displays additional information about the word. This way you get to practice your spelling words throughout the day.

Supplemental Learning Activities

This spelling software allows you to print flashcards, vocabulary worksheets, spelling worksheets, word lists and words you've already mastered. Each of the Ultimate Spelling worksheets are clearly labeled so you can keep track of which worksheet corresponds with which list. This spelling software doesn't offer additional spelling lists on its website, but because the software has a large database and the ability to add your own words, you won't need additional lists.

For each word in the database, there are relevant links to Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Instant Local Dictionary and Google Images. You can also see how words relate to one another through the Word Explorer, which shows synonyms in a web diagram, with the word you're learning in the middle and the synonyms spread out around it. This spelling software gives you information about the origin of words and their meanings when you click on the Etymology tab. Ultimate Spelling also includes a tab with words that rhyme with the spelling words you're working with. You can also add, edit and delete resources to create just the experience you want with this spelling software.

Progress Reports

Ultimate Spelling monitors your spelling improvement. It displays your progress in three reports: Spelling Results, Words Mastered and Spelling Success. These results are all displayed in line graphs. Ultimate Spelling also shares data on how much time you spend using this spelling software through the Training Time Monitor and the Activity Use Monitor.

The first shows a bar graph with information about how long you use the software each day. The latter illustrates how much time you spent on each activity and lesson in a colorful pie chart.

It's simple to add multiple users to the spelling software. All you have to do is type in a name, email address and password for the user. You can edit or delete users just as easily. The software shows separate progress reports for each user. This is ideal if you have multiple children or others in your household who are working to further their spelling skills.

Help & Support

If you need assistance, you can easily connect to the eReflect Helpdesk from the software itself or through the company's website. You'll find a FAQs page and knowledgebase online. Ultimate Spelling has a blog that it updates frequently with interesting articles about spelling. You can find articles about challenging words, tips and tricks, testing and more. On this spelling software website, you'll find telephone numbers for sales but no numbers for tech support. However, you can submit a question to tech support through an email form the manufacturer provides.


Ultimate Spelling comes with thousands of words and the option of adding as many additional words as you want. This spelling software isn't the best for young kids; however, it incorporates games that can be entertaining to a variety of ages – from elementary students to adult learners. Whether this software is teaching a child new spelling words or to helping a young adult learn vocabulary for a college entrance exam, Ultimate Spelling can improve anyone's spelling abilities.

Ultimate Spelling 2014 Visit Site