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GS Typing Tutor Review

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PROS / An unlimited number of people can use the software under one license.

CONS / The technical support team does not list a phone number.

 VERDICT / Although it doesn't include transcription practice, this is excellent typing software for those who appreciate variety – it offers a large selection of practice lessons, timed exercises, games and tests.

GS Typing Tutor is comprehensive and effective typing software. With a variety of exercises and games, this program teaches any age group how to type and continuously improve their typing abilities. While its lessons are not as comprehensive as our top-rated applications that feature transcription exercises, this program grows with you as you type.

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While testing this software, we found that it has a variety of exercises you can use to learn how to type. Whether you learn better through typing practice and repetition or through games, this program has over 74 exercises to teach you to type using your learning style. These exercises include warmup drills, timed typing lessons, adaptive learning and custom lessons. With all of these types of exercises, the software focuses on improving the speed and accuracy of your typing speed.

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While Typing Tutor has exercises that work on strengthening your typing weaknesses, it does not feature dictation practice. Many of the best typing programs utilize dictation lessons to help improve your ability to transcribe documents. You can also learn how to use the number pad on your computer or laptop. This software teaches you the proper way to type, with an emphasis on ergonomics. Learning the correct way to type not only improves accuracy and speed, it also can prevent you from developing health problems.

While this application has a large selection of comprehensive exercises, it’s still easy to use even for beginners. It has a clean interface void of clutter. When you are taking the lessons, a virtual keyboard helps you learn key placement. You can change the font or theme of the program to the style that suits you best. GS Typing does not limit how many users can use the program. However, you can only use the software on one computer.

This software helps you set speed and accuracy goals. It also recommends performance goals based on your progress. The application tracks how many words per minute you type, the number of errors you make, an accuracy percentage and an adjusted words per minute that takes into account the errors you made while typing. It displays your results in charts and graphs so that you can thoroughly review what areas you still need to work on.

The games and exercises become increasingly difficult as you progress through the lessons. The software also takes into account areas that need improvement and provides typing training for keys you struggle with. You can also create your own practice tests or import some from the web if you have specific documents you want to practice typing on.

GS Typing has a variety of support options to assist you when you are using the software. Since the company does list a phone number, you can only contact the support team by email. Representatives are quick to respond and very helpful. You can also access an online user manual, tutorials and a frequently asked questions page to find help.


GS Typing Tutor is comprehensive and effective typing software with its wide assortment of lessons. With the ability to add custom lessons and typing tests, you can make this software suit your learning style. While it lacks lessons to help you learn how to transcribe, this extensive software effectively teaches you to type.

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