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KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Review

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PROS / Using dictation, you can use this software to learn or improve your transcription skills.

CONS / The software does not prompt you to retake lessons when you do poorly.

 VERDICT / KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a good option when learning how to type. It has a selection of exercises, games and tests that effectively teach you to type and motivate you to learn.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor teaches you the fundamentals of a keyboard and how to type through exercises, games and tests. The lessons and games range from beginner to intermediate skill levels. Unlike most applications we reviewed, this software does not prompt you to focus on problem areas, but you can still improve your weaknesses by creating custom lessons and typing tests.

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On the company’s website, you can watch video instructions on how to use the software and how to properly type. The software emphasizes the importance of ergonomics and displays the correct way to type during the lessons and tests.

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KeyBlaze has a variety of typing training lessons. With 161 exercises, you can learn to type through practice drills, timed lessons, games and tests. The software has a dictation device you can use to learn how to transcribe or improve your skill level. You can add more variety to the exercises and word lists by creating your own custom lessons.

This application effectively teaches you how to type by focusing on both your speed and accuracy. The timed lessons encourage you to type faster, while the games and tests focus more on how accurately you type. While you can repeat any typing lesson you feel needs improvement, the software does not adapt lessons for typing practice or devote lessons to practice keys you struggle with.

We found the program was easy to install and use. The program displays the lessons, exercises, games, tests and results all on a tabbed interface. You can easily navigate from one exercise to the next. The program has a virtual keyboard displayed on the screen during lessons. It helps you learn which finger should be used on each key, although it does not show mistakes by finger in the accuracy reports. You can learn 10-key using this typing software, which is an important skill for inputting numerical data.

You can have an unlimited number of users on this software; however, the license only works on one computer. This makes the typing software a good option for families who share a computer. The program has a variety of reporting options that detail your speed and accuracy. After each lesson, the software displays how long it took to complete the lesson, words per minute, error rate, corrections rate and accuracy percentage. You can also access progress charts and reports under the results tab to view your overall progression.

If you need assistance using the software, you can contact technical support by phone or email. The website also has several resources such as an online manual, video tutorials and a frequently asked questions page. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor works on both Mac and Windows computers.


This typing software helps you build up your typing skill through hundreds of exercises, lessons and games. It is easy to use, making it a good option for beginners. At the same time, it has intermediate lessons for more experienced typists. You can add your own tests and exercises, but the software does not prompt you to work on areas that need improvement.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Visit Site