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Typesy 2016 Review

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PROS / Typesy uses cloud technology to offer unlimited user support for multiple devices.

CONS / There are no preset goals available with this software.

 VERDICT / This excellent typing software is easy to use and offers great tools for tracking your progress.

Typesy, formerly Ultimate Typing, is a polished and highly effective typing software application that is beneficial for typists of all ages and skill levels. The software is designed to teach you basic keyboarding skills and then help you improve your typing speed and accuracy once you have grasped the fundamental concepts. Typesy does this through a winning combination of step-by-step training lessons and video instruction. An equal focus on accuracy and speed ensures that you gain well-rounded keyboarding skills, and appealing typing games make the software as engaging as it is effective. That's why we gave this software our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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Typing Training

This typing software combines touch-typing activities with detailed video instruction. At the beginning of each lesson, a video instructor introduces a new typing concept and demonstrates how to perform it. This instruction is followed by numerous typing exercises to help you develop that particular skill. The formula is simple but highly effective.

The application includes nine comprehensive typing courses. Each focuses on a separate typing skill set or level, such as beginner typing, numeric keypad training or typing accuracy. For instance, the beginner typing course emphasizes proper finger-to-key movements and memory recall, while the advanced typing course entails practicing frequently used letter combinations to boost your overall speed and accuracy. The courses are composed of hundreds of exercises and practice sessions that help you further develop these specific typing skills.

In addition to these methodical lessons, Typesy provides other things to help you learn to type, including warm-up sessions, free-study typing and typing games. These tools are an effective way to prepare for lessons and get in essential keyboarding practice outside of the structured courses. The typing games are especially handy; they employ an interactive, entertaining learning method that helps you increase typing speed while having fun.

Since Typesy operates on a cloud storage system, you can access it anywhere and practice typing on an unlimited number of devices. You can start your typing exercises from your PC laptop at home then pick up where you left off from the Mac at work. You can continue working using the web version from a friend's house or at the public library. You can use your smartphone to get account information and check your progress. You can access your account easily by signing in directly or by using a Facebook login. Another plus is that up to five users can use each license. This means if you have one central family computer, you can sign up several members of the family on the same license.

While helping you build accuracy and speed are the primary objectives of this typing software, it covers other important – and often overlooked – typing fundamentals. For instance, the software provides dictation practice to help you learn how to quickly type spoken words. The application also teaches proper typing ergonomics, or how to correctly sit and position yourself while typing for optimal comfort without incurring bodily stress or injury. Poor and improper positioning while typing can cause painful inflammation in the wrists, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if you have an office job and sit in front of a computer for several hours a day. Learning proper typing ergonomics will help you avoid these painful injuries.

Learning Tools

Typesy boasts a number of features that will help you learn how to type in an effective and enjoyable way. To make sure you get the most out of its lessons, the software employs a technique known as adaptive learning. This means the software continually tracks your progress to customize your learning. For instance, if you perform poorly on a lesson or exercise, the software prompts you to repeat it until you attain a certain skill level.

This is one of the most polished and straightforward typing applications on the market. The software's interface mimics Windows, so most people will find it accessible and intuitive. The courses and lessons are displayed in a tree structure, making the application easy to use and navigate.

Progress Reporting

Typesy provides excellent reporting features, so you know exactly how well and at what rate you are progressing through the application. Two essential stats to know when you are using any typing software are your accuracy percentage and words per minute (wpm). The application continually tracks both, as well as your adjusted wpm rate. This is an adjusted formula in which your wpm rate is reduced by the number of typing errors you make.

The software provides a detailed analysis of your accuracy and speed. When you begin using the software, you set performance goals of typing speed and accuracy, and each time you log in to the program you see how you are progressing toward your goals. If you can see that your goals were too lofty and you are not consistently hitting them, you can adjust your goals to match your skill level. For most people, this is exactly what they need. However, some typing software also allows you to choose from a list of preset goals if you aren't sure what goals to set for yourself. Unfortunately, this typing software does not come with preset goals.

This software keeps track of your typing performance by hand, key and finger. This is highly useful, because you can pinpoint any areas of weakness and work on those exclusively. Another helpful reporting tool Typesy offers is training time tracking. The software tracks the total amount of time you spend using the application. Knowing this statistic is not likely to directly influence your typing performance, but it is helpful in determining if you are spending ample time practicing your keyboarding skills.

Help & Support

If you run into any problems while using the program, there is a system in place that lets you report it immediately. You can also contact customer support directly to resolve any issues you may have.

Typesy's video instruction is one of the application's most valuable resources, but there may be times when you need additional help. The software has a supplemental manual that covers things such as getting started and managing users. For more specific or technical inquiries, eReflect, the manufacturer, provides convenient technical support via email and telephone.


With effective training tools, unlimited user support and comprehensive progress tracking, Typesy is among the very best typing software products around. This typing test software does a superb job of teaching you not only how to type faster, but also how to type more accurately. The inclusion of video instruction and multiple typing games makes this application far more engaging and interactive than comparable typing tutors. No matter what your typing goals are, Typesy will help you become a better and more efficient typist.

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