This product has been discontinued.

Typing Tutor for Dummies by Atari is a pretty easy to use typing software program that comes with a few good features. Unfortunately, the product's lack of support and testing capabilities made it impossible for us to give it any higher ranking.

Typing Training

Typing Tutor for Dummies is fairly easy to use, which is a good thing as there's very little help available. To use this product, you just click on the appropriate tab to move from section to section and then follow the brief instructions provided when you get there.

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Learning Tools

Typing Tutor for Dummies offers several tabs to choose from, including Learning to use Ergonomics. From these tabs, you can access your typing stats, lessons, practice material, user options and ergonomic instructions. Audio dictation is available with this program.

Typing Tutor for Dummies contains many practice sessions, as well as lessons. You can turn on or off sound, clock and other options for this program through the Settings Tab. And although this product doesn't offer testing capabilities, you can time your practice sessions.

Progress Reporting

Atari offers help for Typing Tutor for Dummies in the form of brief, onscreen tips and a searchable index. We were unable to find any online support for this product.


Typing Tutor for Dummies is a decent program for the price, but its lack of technical support from Atari and its nonexistent testing capabilities make it comparatively a poor pick.

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