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The Best Vocabulary Software of 2017

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The Best Vocabulary Software of 2017

Our Ranking Vocabulary Software Price
1 Ultimate Vocabulary $67.00
2 Verbal Advantage $164.95
3 Overnight Vocabulary $65.95
4 Vocabulary Super Stretch $79.00
5 Vocaboly $79.95
6 WordPal $9.95
7 Vocabulary Stretch $79.00
8 Speedstudy English Vocabulary $6.99
9 Vocabulary Fitness $79.00
10 VTrain $25.00
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Why Use Vocabulary Software?

Vocabulary software is designed to help you spell, pronounce, and understand new words faster and more efficiently than one of those word-of-the-day calendars. Some of the best software helps you significantly improve your vocabulary through engaging and educational exercises that only require about 15 minutes a day. A larger vocabulary can improve a student's test scores and increase an adult's marketability in the workforce. Increasing your vocabulary will enhance your reading comprehension, and the best vocabulary software allows you to choose the level of words you want to learn.

High-quality vocabulary builder software such as Ultimate Vocabulary, WordSmart Adult Learning Excellence and WordSmart High School Excellence uses various methods, such as games, sentence completion exercises, and quizzes to teach you new words and to help you retain the information you've learned. In addition to detailed reviews of each application, be sure to check out our articles relating to vocabulary software.

Vocabulary Software: What to Look For

Vocabulary-building software needs to be entertaining, accurate, informative and up-to-date to be effective. It should give you the tools to build your vocabulary quickly, easily and effectively. You shouldn’t be distracted by outdated interfaces or dealing with glitches that distract you from the task of improving your vocabulary. Applications that provide inaccurate or outdated information are useless to students of language. The application also needs to be user-friendly so that you can focus on learning new words, and not on learning how to use the interface. When you look for vocabulary software, consider the level of words covered as well as the level of accuracy. Some software programs divide lessons into easy lessons you can learn with a commitment of 15 minutes a day or even less. Choose software that offers learning tools that suit your style of learning so that you can make the most of the time you spend using the application.

Below are the criteria you should look for when searching for the best vocabulary software:

Teaching Tools
The teaching tools are the means by which the software facilitates learning. The best software offers an assortment of teaching tools such as flashcards, sentence completion exercises, puzzles and games. Audio pronunciations of each new word are also helpful. Look for vocabulary software that offers a variety of tools so that all types of learners can benefit from using the application. You should also consider how the software tracks your progress of to ensure you are really learning what is being taught.

Instruction Quality
Some of the software in this review is intended for a certain age group. Other applications are intended for a wider audience but can be adjusted to fit the needs of the student. The best vocabulary software has a large number of vocabulary words and allows you to choose which ones you want to use. You should also look for a variety of teaching methods and an application that is easy to use.

Subjects Covered
First-rate vocabulary builder software gives you thorough definitions of each word. In addition, it provides pronunciations, synonyms, and antonyms, and teaches you how to spell the words. Understanding what each word means will help you retain the word's meaning and allow you to use it in conversation.

Help & Support
Vocabulary software should be easy to use, but if problems do occur, there should also be a helpful customer support system available. We examined what kind of online assistance each manufacturer offers, as well as what kind of contact methods they provide.

Each of these vocabulary-building applications can help you begin to improve your vocabulary almost immediately. This software is made to teach you words quickly and help you remember them. In the end, however, the most important factor in building your vocabulary is how much effort you put into it.