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Overnight Vocabulary works on the principle of quality over quantity, which isn’t to say that this vocabulary builder doesn’t have a lot of substance. You get a system that lets you learn in 15-minute daily sessions. Unlike some vocabulary builder products that try to teach you thousands of new words, Overnight Vocabulary focuses on 300 carefully selected words that its designers consider to be essential. The object of Overnight Vocabulary is to find words that are powerful, useful and that can be easily incorporated into your vocabulary.

When you buy this vocabulary builder, you get seven CDs, which provide more than seven hours of listening time spread across 30 learning sessions. You also get a 150-page PDF guidebook to supplement the audio lessons.

When you pay for this vocabulary building software, you receive a downloadable link for the seven hours of learning sessions. Unfortunately, the publisher’s website is a little misleading in this regard. If you actually want physical CDs to listen to in your car, you will have to burn them yourself. The audio files are organized and labeled by disc based on how much one CD can hold so it is easy to create a playlist for each of the seven CDs and burn them one CD at a time. When you download the program, you are provided with a link that shows you how to do this.

If you like learning vocabulary using flashcards or want a program that allows you to add your own vocabulary words, you won’t find those options in this application since its learning tools are digital. For visual references you can download a PDF guidebook that supplements each of the 30 lessons with quizzes that help you understand and absorb the words that are being taught.

There are times when a word like “onerous” or “arduous” expresses a thought more effectively than simply using a more commonplace word such as “difficult.” This vocabulary builder will help you find the right word when you need it. Through repetition and practice, you’ll find yourself thinking of the exact word you need to express what you want to say, whether you’re writing an email or talking with a friend.