Speedstudy English Vocabulary looks like something out of the early 1990s with bright, block colors and dated audio. However, with more than 1,500 words, this vocabulary software still has something to offer you if you want to improve your vocabulary. You can choose a standard lesson plan, which starts at level 1 and goes through level 75, with each becoming progressively more difficult. There is also an option to print lessons and tests, and you can create custom lessons and add words of your own. This vocabulary builder lacks matching games, flash cards and tools to create flash cards, but it does offer a few unique options for learning.

With this vocabulary software, you can hear the word pronounced when you encounter a new word in the Study Zone and click to repeat it if necessary. You also get a Search Zone, where you can find specific words. The Quiz Zone is a timed test that lasts approximately six minutes, but don't worry if you don't do well on timed tests since you can pause the quiz or even go back and correct an answer. The questions mostly consist of fill-in-the-blank sentences where you must choose the right word.

The Top of the World activity in the Game Zone is fun since it functions much like a board game where you spin to move a certain number of spaces. If you land on certain spaces, you must choose a synonym or antonym related to the vocabulary word in question.

While the game is simplistic, the creative messages when you land on a space are entertaining. For example, one message says, "The right stuff will earn a majestic German shepherd. The wrong stuff results in a massive ant infestation in your apartment. Pay $100 for an exterminator."

The only customer service options are FAQs and email support, which is a bit tricky since you need to click first on Contact Us and then click on the technical support address above it. That leads to the FAQs section. If you can't find an answer there, you need to register before contacting the company with questions.

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