Vocabulary Stretch differs from most vocabulary building software, like Vocab1, because it is intended for those who need to learn a basic English vocabulary. It features such words as "prey" and "guard." This vocabulary builder is easy to use, but its simplicity makes it seem outdated and repetitive. Still, if you are trying to teach a child new words, or if you are learning English as a second language, then Vocabulary Stretch might be the right choice.

This vocbulary building software is supposed to be for kids and teens, but it's hard to imagine Vocabulary Stretch holding a young person's attention for very long since the interface appears antiquated. The graphics and sound effects seem like they're from the '90s.

However, the teaching tools are fairly effective, if you can persuade young users to get past the old-fashioned look. Each word list gives you a brief definition of each word, along with a phrase using the word. The software doesn't provide any phonetic pronunciations, which is a drawback if you are learning English as a second language.

The FYI tab gives you additional information regarding the word and makes it easier to remember and incorporate into your everyday speech, which will improve your vocabulary. Vocabulary Stretch then takes you through a series of activities where it asks you to select synonyms and antonyms for each new word. Unfortunately, there occasionally are times when the possible answers are confusingly – and frustratingly – close to one another.

The Vocabulary Stretch crossword puzzle is an effective way to learn how to improve your vocabulary with new words since it requires you to know the definition of each word and how to spell it correctly. Out of all the learning tools in this vocabulary software, you might find this section to be the most helpful.

If you need to contact the publisher, you can use the online contact form or call one of the toll-free numbers. You get a small FAQs page. If you are looking for a simple application that teaches basic techniques to improve vocabulary for youngsters, Vocabulary Stretch is a viable option. It also works well for someone learning English as a second language.

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