Vocabulary Super Stretch uses a three-stage process to teach you new vocabulary words. First, the Tryout section of this vocabulary builder tests your current skills. After that, the Workout section introduces new words to improve your vocabulary. Then, the Finals section tests you on the words you've learned. The interface of this vocabulary building software is easy to navigate and useful as far as helping you improve your vocabulary. However, the application looks outdated and, at 216 words, this software won't build your vocabulary as much as some other vocabulary software products.

The word list included in this vocabulary software provides a brief definition of each word and a usage example for you to study. If you want more information about a new word, you can check the FYI section, which offers helpful information for understanding what a word means and how to use it. This vocabulary builder does not provide flash cards or word derivations, but you can learn plenty from the tools that are included.

In addition, you can work on building your vocabulary from the Stretch Wrap-Up section, which gives you "beyond definition" questions so you really have to think about what words mean. If you make a mistake, the software offers a do-over until you get it right.

Idea Match is another learning activity where you match a vocabulary word to a synonym. You also will undoubtedly learn a great deal from the Words in a Paragraph section, which uses a paragraph full of vocabulary words, and when the application highlights different words, you'll need to select the synonymous word. These two activities are quite straightforward and, at times, might seem a bit tedious, but you can learn and retain quite a bit from the repetition, which is a commonly used method to improve your vocabulary. You also get some learning tools that are more entertaining such as the crossword section so the vocabulary building does not have to be a chore.

You will not find as many activities or new words in Vocabulary Super Stretch as other vocabulary builder software products. However, what is available here is effective, easy to understand and can help you discover new words that will aid your reading comprehension, improve your overall lexicon and enhance your writing ability.

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