Pros / RightWriter gives you the option to have a professional proofreader analyze your work.

Cons / It's missing some basic reference tools, such as a thesaurus.

 Verdict / This writing enhancement software does a decent job of analyzing your work but lacks the ability to elevate your writing to the next level.

RightWriter by Elite Minds Inc. is writing enhancement software that scans the content of your documents for grammar, spelling and syntax errors. It does a serviceable job at all of those tasks. However, the interface is counterintuitive, and the software lacks some features, such as a thesaurus, that would bring it to a higher rank in our lineup.

The Analyze button in RightWriter initiates this writing enhancement software's grammar checker and spell checker. It is best to run your word processor's native grammar and spelling features before you use RightWriter to analyze your work. This is because you cannot use RightWriter as a plug-in for your word processor, and you must manually correct all the mistakes this writing enhancement software finds in your word processor. So the fewer mistakes it finds, the less work you need to do after RightWriter's analysis.

We inserted a test paragraph full of errors into the application to see how many mistakes it could catch. While it noticed a few of the problems, it ignored others. Additionally, it noticed unusual capitalization in the middle of a word, but it missed proper nouns and capitals at the beginning of sentences. This writing enhancement software also pointed out that some of our adjectives were colloquial, but it was fine with our other repetitive and excessive adjectives.

RightWriter comes with a grammar guide, but not many other reference tools. This grammar check software does not include a thesaurus, translator tools or writing templates. However, it includes a tool that automatically corrects any mistakes in your document. You can find it after you have interpreted your analysis results and are moving on to the next steps in the process. If you click the Proofreading Tools link, the spell check software will take you to a website where you can choose to have your paper edited by a professional editor at an additional cost.

RightWriter looks at every part of your text and returns detailed results, but we found its results difficult to interpret. The results are presented in a double-spaced list format that takes up many pages and is hard to get through. Despite this, we found the editing suggestions to be reasonably accurate and relevant.

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  2. 9  RightWriter
    64.0 MB
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    412.44 MB


RightWriter is adequate writing enhancement software but not the best. Although it offers reasonably accurate and relevant edits, the software is difficult to maneuver, and incorporating the edits requires an external word processor. Nevertheless, this grammar check software can still be a useful tool to help you improve your writing.

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