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Aqua Real Review

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Aqua Real is a visually stunning aquarium screensaver series. Each visual tank scene has a sense of visual depth and vivid color. The interface of this aquarium screensaver is self-explanatory and simple to navigate while also providing a good deal of features. The setup menu allows you to customize visuals and sound. This fish screensaver will work in full screen, windowed mode and as an active desktop. While in desktop mode, the vivid virtual aquarium runs behind your icons and windows.

The dozens of fish species in this software naturally swim past the screen and dart behind coral, plants and shipwrecks. The fish look lifelike, and their behaviors are realistic. The fish scatter when the shark swims by, and you can even watch some fish antagonize others because they are more territorial in real life. Each fish swims in different directions including in circles, right to left, up and down and diagonally.

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The scenery in the Aqua Real fish aquarium screensaver series is full of coral, plants and anemones that border the screen and sway with the current. A unique feature to the background of this program is the high-quality depth and color that give the fish more room to swim and make it feel more like you are truly in the ocean instead of a virtual fish tank. The light rays in the aquarium wallpaper add additional dimension and texture to the ocean floor and can be controlled from the menu screen.

Aqua Real has a great deal of interactive features that make it more than just a screensaver. You can interact with the fish by feeding them and by touching and moving them with a hand icon. The fish react accordingly, and they will even react to the presence of aggressive species of fish such as a shark swimming nearby. With full screen and windowed modes, you can interact with them for as long as you want.

The background is larger than in most other programs and has a unique depth quality that makes it able to hold a lot more fish than other programs can without looking overly crowded. The manufacturer offers free downloads of more backgrounds and fish species on its website.

Aqua Real allows you to create a playlist of your own music to play while the screensaver is active, so you can create whatever mood you like while the program runs over the standard sound effects. The sound effects are limited to waves crashing on a shore on a repeating loop.

The Aqua Real aquarium screensaver software series includes various backdrops and immense detail paired with personalization features, which make it a great program for fish lovers.

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