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Thanks to a certain Pixar movie series, no aquarium can be complete without the addition of clownfish. DigiFish has developed an aquarium screensaver series focusing on those fish specifically with DigiFish Clownfish. If you thought there was only one type of clownfish, then allow this software to educate you about several types. You can insert all of these clownfish in the aquarium background along with a handful of other tropical fish. With all of these saltwater fish on screen, your office will not lack for color.

Not all clownfish are orange with white stripes. You'll see a tomato clownfish, fire clownfish, saddleback clownfish, yellow clownfish, among others. The additional fish include tangs, angelfish, butterflyfish and parrotfish, to name a few.

While there are many fish to choose from, the scenery is limited. The anemones sway with the current and react realistically to movements of fish, but they do not look as realistic as other plants within the program. You do get a variety of anemone, such as bulb anemone, delicate sea anemone and long tentacle anemone. They seem unfinished compared to the rest of the program. Despite the unrealistic anemones, the software still benefits from the lifelike fish movements and behaviors.

DigiFish Clownfish is simple to use. You can feed the fish and interact with them using your mouse. You can also set up an automatic feeding function, which allows you to just observe rather than interact. The setup menu is easy to navigate and the program can be run in full screen, windowed or active desktop modes.

This aquarium screensaver series only includes one background, though. All you can change is the type of anemone featured in the tank. The fish in DigiFish Clownfish are the real strength of the program. They look and move realistically and their interactions with their surroundings and each other are very lifelike.

DigiFish Clownfish is a solid desktop aquarium for those who love anemones and clownfish. There is only one background, though graphically it looks great. The various anemones that you can choose move convincingly, though they still look cartoonish compared to the fish.