Most aquarium screensavers keep your view confined to a stationary setting in a reef or fish tank. The DigiFish Dolphin series takes your desktop aquarium to a new level by recreating the ocean. With this fish screensaver, you are able to swim with dolphins and follow them as they pass other species and hunt for food.

This aquarium background is truly 3D; it allows you to rotate the camera around the dolphins as they swim. You can also click on schools of passing fish and follow their course.

While using this fish screensaver, you can control several different dolphin species. There are a number of other types of fish and sea turtles to be seen, but they are not customizable. However, you can follow these additional fish and see how they move throughout the ocean.

All the species in this aquarium screensaver series look and act just like the real thing. Up close, you can even see the detail of individual scales on some of the fish. The sunlight glints through the waves onto dolphins and fish that look very lifelike.

The scenery in DigiFish Dolphin includes sand and rocks along the sea floor, with several options for each. It does not include the colorful coral that the other programs have, which can be seen as a bit of a drawback. The rest of the scenery is the blue expanse of the ocean and the glimmers of sunlight that sparkle through the waves and add depth to the program.

There are a variety of things to do in the DigiFish Dolphin ocean. Besides following the dolphins, you can follow various schools of fish, turtles and even a whale shark as they cruise through the briny deep. You can feed the dolphins by giving them schools of fish, which swim by, and then watch them hunt. You also have the ability to pet the dolphins. When you do this, they will swim up to the screen and make noises as you pet them.

DigiFish also includes a music playback function in this dolphin screensaver series. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to them while you watch or while the screensaver runs.

DigiFish Dolphin is visually stunning, genuinely entertaining and incredibly realistic. This aquarium wallpaper provides a unique experience of following dolphins through a non-stop swim in the ocean.

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