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Dream Aquarium Review

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Dream Aquarium is a great aquarium screensaver series with features that you'd never think would be necessary. This software includes realistic-looking fish, 3D environments and a focus on interactive features.

Dream Aquarium includes a wide assortment of fish species – more than two dozen. You can also upgrade with add-on packs for more fish from the company's online store. This aquarium wallpaper software comes packaged with both saltwater and freshwater fish to swim in specific environments of your choosing. You have the ability to customize the fish in your tank and even make a fish of your own.

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This program includes some of the most realistic virtual fish. Very minor details were seemingly given plenty of attention, as even the fish eyes move. The fish AI is very reactive. The fish change course to avoid bumping into other fish. A small fiddler crab hangs out at the bottom of the tank just waiting to grab a fish if one swims too close; otherwise, he's there to clean the tank.

The interaction settings are what make Dream Aquarium a top-tier aquarium background. These virtual fish need to be fed, and you have full control over their feeding habits. You can set each feeding on a timer or manually change where the food is dropped. If you want the most realistic, virtual experience, you can choose to drop the food yourself.

There are different camera angles that allow you to view your aquarium in wide screen or close up to the right, left and center, or you can follow a single fish or random fish as it swims. The scenery looks as if it were a real tank. There are four different background options available. You can also have a blank screen with just the sound of an aquarium.

This desktop aquarium software provides a handful of different scenes, with the option to add more later. Each of the coral and plants move and flow in a very realistic manner. The plants even move as the fish swim by and through them.

The lighting in the tank is adjustable, letting you choose between low, medium, high and off. You can also choose the placement of the bubbles in your tank. They can be on either the right or left side, in the center, or at random places.

Dream Aquarium gives you plenty of other features, such as a fish poo setting. Yes, feeding virtual fish makes the experience feel realistic, but the beauty of not having real fish is not having to clean the tank or deal with the dirty stuff. While this feature may seem like ridiculous feature, it shows you that the programmers focused on the minor details. This software also provides multi-monitor support.

The sound effects match the bubbles and water flow of what's happening in your screensaver. You can even upload your personal music collection to play automatically whenever the screensaver starts.

Dream Aquarium offers help in the form of a FAQs page, where you can look at a few questions to see if you can find your answer. If this doesn’t help, there is a support page where you can view common problems, report errors and contact support. You can also access a forum with various discussions about this software.

In Dream Aquarium, both the fish and the environments look fantastic with realistic movements and 3D appearance. It also has quality features to match. It works on more than one screen, has realistic lighting and allows you to interact with the fish in more ways than you'd expect.

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