Goldfish are typically the place to start when people decide that they want to own fish. They're the most basic and require little maintenance. The same rules apply to LifeGlobe's Goldfish Aquarium program series. This basic aquarium background serves as a relaxing screensaver meant for goldfish aficionados.

Goldfish Aquarium allows you to access the control panel and customize the aquarium to fit your needs. All of the buttons and settings are self-explanatory. Even the computer novice will have no trouble with this program.

This aquarium wallpaper program doesn't offer many features. You get more than a dozen different goldfish and several different tanks, giving you some good variety. However, the desktop aquarium doesn't allow you to do much beyond that. Lighting and sound aren't as customizable as other programs are.

These goldfish are fun to watch, with flowing fins, moving mouths, sporadic swim patterns, and natural body, fin and tail movements. However, they are not overly realistic and at times look completely fake.

While in Goldfish Aquarium, you can choose to have "Lush Planting," "Medium Planting," "Sparse Planting," "Rocks Only," "Large Clear Tank" or "Pond." All of the options have the same scenery but differ in the number of plants.

The "Pond" setting provides an overhead view. The fish look great and this is a nice option, but the pond doesn't have any vegetation, rocks or even water effects. Another selection is the fish bowl. From this view, you can see the fish in a bowl on a table with a flower next to it. This view is limited and small, and the graphics of it are substandard.

The overall graphics for the scenery in Goldfish Aquarium are outdated compared to the fish. The scenery holds the quality of this product back and when compared with other fish screensavers, it can’t stand on its own.

There is a limited amount of help included with the Goldfish Aquarium software. There is a link to the software creator's website where you'll find a list of FAQs and a form you can fill out to reach customer support.

Goldfish lovers need look no further than LifeGlobe's Goldfish Aquarium. This screensaver series offers a variety of goldfish and scenery, with no need for you to clean a real tank.

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