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Marine Aquarium is a good aquarium screensaver program that has some great features and a good selection when it comes to fish. However, the scenery is terribly pixilated and the fish are only a little better.

Anyone will feel comfortable installing and setting up Marine Aquarium; this aquarium wallpaper program practically installs itself. You can launch this fish screensaver from your desktop and simply access the control panel by clicking the icon or by pressing F1 while the aquarium screensaver is running. The control panel is where you can make adjustments and customize your fish tank.

Marine Aquarium includes dozens of species of saltwater fish, all of which move naturally and have sporadic swim patterns. The fish appear to be 3D. The series has updates that make the screensaver even more useful. Items such as an integrated clock and calendar are useful features. The program seems restrictive because it only allows seven fish onscreen at once and the aquarium background selection is dismal.

One of the best features of Marine Aquarium is that it goes beyond providing great-looking fish to include statistics on each species. These fact sheets provide the name of the species, its Latin name, where it's located in the world, its diet and how big it gets as an adult. Kids and adults alike can enjoy learning about their favorite fish and recognize them swimming across their computer monitor.

The animation of the fish is lacking compared to other aquarium screensaver series, making them look like cartoons instead of real fish. The scenery has vibrant colors but looks unrealistic because it is so pixilated. The plants and coral are bunched together in a non-appealing lump and are inactive, taking away from the realistic feel.

For the most part, the scenery stays the same, except the option to add a rock clock in place of a large coral. The rest of the scene is the same and does not change.

Marine Aquarium has gone through several updates to the series to get to where it is now, but this outdated-looking desktop aquarium needs far more fine-tuning. Visually, this aquarium won't awe you, but the factoids and small details are educational and fun, especially if you are inclined to learn more about the fish swimming on screen.