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Sharks, Terrors of the Deep Review

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There's no rule that an aquarium screensaver needs to be relaxing. Sharks, Terrors of the Deep is definitely a gloomy and fascinating desktop aquarium series. This program is designed for fans of sharks, but it brings an interesting twist to a category dominated by small-fish tanks and goldfish.

If you're using Sharks, Terrors of the Deep as a fish screensaver, it's easy to use and configure. Sharks, Terrors of the Deep provides detailed features, including different shark species and the quality of the scenery in each tank environment. Each aquarium background gives a scaled appearance of a natural setting with rays of light, sand, rock configurations and plants.

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Even though it's somewhat difficult to achieve the perfect appearance of a shark in a virtual environment, LifeGlobe, the screensaver series publisher, does an excellent job. These sharks are legitimate in appearance and behavior. Their movement through the water is realistic; it seems as if you are actually sitting at the bottom of the sea watching the sharks go by. Just when you think you are bored of watching a shark swim through a reef in the distance, one swims right in front of the screen and opens its mouth as if it were going to bite you.

There are several shark species and a manta ray included in this program. There aren’t any other fish in this program, which can be a drawback if you are looking for a variety of species.

Sharks, Terrors of the Deep includes vivid virtual plant life and a variety of views. There are some great water-surface effects, eerie sound effects and debris that float in the water. While the sharks interact with the background, you do not have any interaction features with the sharks using your cursor.

The blue lagoon tank has colorful reefs and background effects that give you the feeling of swimming in a deep ocean. There is different lighting available for the scenes that can make them at times seem eerie because the sharks are lurking in the shadows.

Sharks, Terrors of the Deep from LifeGlobe is a solid aquarium screensaver series that can bring hours of enjoyment with plenty of different tank varieties for your desktop with the view of sharks instead of fish. It's missing interactive features but is still a solid aquarium screensaver.

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