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Sim Aquarium is a fish aquarium screensaver series that allows you to virtually swim through water and zoom in on several species of fish as they naturally swim through their respective tank environments. This desktop aquarium provides an aquatic experience without ever requiring you to leave your home or office.

You can choose from dozens of species of fish to put in your Sim Aquarium, or the program will randomly select fish for you. Each fish looks authentic with brilliant colors and random movements, and they swim in various directions including left to right, up and down, and diagonal.

The scenery in Sim Aquarium's fish tank series includes reefs with true-to-life plants that sway with the current and appear to be part of the environment and not just a foreign object. Sunrays illuminate the brilliant colors of the coral to create a warm ambience and an almost mystical feel. The scenery, in many ways, actually outshines the fish in this program.

This can be a problem for those who want to focus more on the fish than on the scenery. At times, the screen can be so crowded that it is hard to find the fish. There are aquarium wallpaper options, however, that don’t have as much scenery and one that includes no scenery at all, allowing you to see the fish clearly. Sim Aquarium's backgrounds allow you to see both the top of the water and the sand at the bottom at the same time, which makes the product seem more like an actual aquarium rather than the whole expanse of the ocean.

You can easily launch Sim Aquarium from your desktop or use it as a substitute to your usual screensaver. This program has quick keys available once the program is running, so you can conveniently change tanks, choose the fish in the tank and make other alterations on the fly, like adjusting light levels and wave speed. You can also turn off the "exit on mouse" setting so a slight wiggle of the mouse won't accidentally shut down your aquarium screensaver.

Sim Aquarium is the one of the best virtual fish screensaver series on the market, with incredible backgrounds full of color and variety. The most prominent downside to the program is the lack of interactivity, both with the user and with other fish. This series of aquarium screensavers gives you the look and feel of an actual aquarium without the mess and upkeep.