Pros / Create your own custom brushes, then send and share them with your friends for them to use, too.

Cons / You can't embed your images into email messages, or upload images to Facebook from within the program.

 Verdict / With this software, photo art, 3D illustration and traditional art are easy to create for your comic books and graphic novels.

Editor's note: A new version of this product, Painter 2015, is available. We will fully evaluate this version when we next update the Comic Book Software site.

Corel Painter is a great choice for bringing your comic book or graphic novel imagination to life. It is a versatile program that you can use to create characters through photo art, 3D illustrations, traditional art sketches and more. It is simple for beginners to use, yet has all the intricate functions expert artists need and expect in comic book software.

This comic making software has so many brushes, pencils and pens that it includes a search function to help you locate the illustration tool you need. You can preview the strokes for each drawing utensil and adjust the settings and properties of each to help enhance your creative expressions. If you can't find the brush you are looking for, Corel Paint lets you create a custom one. Not only can you save your new brushes to use for another project, but you can also save and send them to other fellow artists to include and use in their own Corel Painter drawing kits.

Using perspective lines and vanishing points, you can easily draw images from different points of view. This is helpful when drawing 3D characters and backgrounds for your comic book. You can also include speed and focus lines.

Corel Painter doesn't have character templates like other comic book makers do. You will have to do all of your work freehand, or import it from other programs. Fortunately, it is easy to import artwork and photographs from other programs and use the tools within Corel Painter to add more creative touches to them.

This comic book software doesn't have any script tools. This isn't too surprising since most comic book software has either illustration or script tools, but not both. Corel has included many neat features such as layers and interactive mirroring. It is also compatible with electronic pen and tablets. This makes it more comfortable for you to create your graphic novels, allowing you to use natural strokes.

You can save and export your images from Corel in several different file formats. Some of these formats include BMP, JPEG, TA, TIFF, PNG and PDF. If you need help with Corel Painter, you can use one of Corel's service options. You can also access user guides and FAQs sections online, or you can email the company directly for personal assistance.

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Even though you will need another program to include text with your comic book, Corel Painter is a good choice for creating your comic book images. You can use one of Corel's many brushes, or even create your own. Save and export your images for easy sharing, and import images and photos from other programs without worrying about anything being lost or distorted.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Illustration Tools

Import Artwork
Freeform Shapes
Shading Tools
Air Brushes
Custom Brush Creation
Speed and Focus Lines


Special Effects
Pen Tablet Compatible
Imported Image Adjustment
Interactive Mirroring

File Formats


Help & Support

Trail Version
User Manual

System Requirements

Windows 8
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10 or higher
1GB RAM or more
Internet Connection