Pros / Manga Studio 5 has more illustration tools than any other comic software.

Cons / This software doesn't have many script tools available.

 Verdict / This program lets you bring to life your most imaginative creations and easily upload them to share with others.

Manga Studio 5 is top of the line when it comes to comic book software. It has more tools and features, supports the most file formats and comes with a longer list of support options than any other comic software we reviewed. This is only a sampling of why the Manga Studio 5 is the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner. Read more to find out what makes Manga Studio 5 the best comic book software for creating comics, anime and manga.

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Illustration Tools

Manga Studio 5 has all the illustration tools you need, and then some – more than any other comic software. This program comes with markers, paints, pencils, air brushes and shading tools right at your fingertips. You can create your own custom brushes, blend colors and add speed lines to your artwork. With the freeform shape options, you can create characters from scratch or choose from several character templates. This comic maker software lets you import artwork from other programs, so you don't have to start from scratch.

Script Tools

Since this comic maker focuses on illustration, it doesn't have many script tools. You can include word balloons and simple text. The text editor lets you make minor changes, but make sure it's spelled right, since this program will not pick up spelling mistakes. You can choose between several fonts and multiple languages. You can also change the color and size of the text.


The features available with the Manga Studio 5 comic software lets you create impressive superheroes and incredible backgrounds, so your stories will seem to come to life. With 3D imaging effects, buildings seem to tower over the page while the realistic characters draw your readers into the picture with them.

Manga Studio 5 has premade page templates to spark your creativity. You can even peel away each layer and work on various parts without disturbing other parts of your images. Manga Studio 5 is pen table compatible, so drawing feels natural instead of the backbreaking exercise of squinting at a screen and inching your computer mouse around. When you are done and ready to share your work, or perhaps you just need a second opinion, Manga Studio 5 lets you easily upload your images to Facebook or attach them to an email.

Manga Studio 5 includes a page organization feature that displays thumbnails of all the pages you have worked on, lets you flip through them without needing to close or minimize the current page, and check out a full-page view so you can see how each aspect looks in proportion to each element.

File Formats

Images made with this comic software can be saved, imported and exported in the most common image files available. This means your images can be recognized and opened in different viewing programs without the worry about compatibility. Manga Studio 5 files can be saved as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PICT. Unfortunately, this software doesn't support PDF files. However, PDF files generally are not used for projects that you wish to tweak and edit and are not commonly supported by comic book software.

Amazingly, this comic book software is compatible with just about every operating system, including Windows 8, XP and Mac. Since this software comes in CD form, you don't need an internet connection to run it, unless you want to upload you creations online to share with others through Facebook or attach to an email. This program is big, though, and will need more than 1GB of RAM to run.

Help & Support

Manga Studio 5 is one of several software packages available through Smith Micro. Lots of technical support is available online if you need it. You can locate telephone numbers and email addresses online to quickly get hold of support personnel. Smith Micro has a live chat feature and user manuals available on its website. A FAQs section is also available to browse through.

Manga Studio 5 has a built-in beginner's assistant that points out basic tools and helps you build up from the basic foundations. You can access help topics both within the program and on Smith Micro's website.


The Manga Studio 5 comic book software is the most comprehensive and involved comic maker program available. Though it doesn't support many script tools, it is excellent in producing beautiful images for your comic books. You can use predesigned page and character layouts if your imagination hits a roadblock. Manga Studio also has so many tools and effects to foster your own, freestyle creativity. It's unfortunate that comic makers don't come with both script and illustration tools, but the Manga Studio does support word balloons and has some limited text editing functions for changing font styles and sizes. Manga Studio 5 is the best comic book software available on the market and is perfect for both experts and novice creators.

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