Pros / The text tools let you change the font, size and color of the text you use.

Cons / You can't create your own comic book characters with this software.

 Verdict / Laying out your comic book is easy with the MotionArtist.

MotionArtist uses a different approach to making your own comic book. It doesn't have all the freestyle drawing tools included with the best comic book software. However, it will let you animate all your imported images and graphics giving a new, fun element to your comic book heroes.

This comic book maker doesn't allow you to create superheroes within the program itself. You will have to make your characters in a different illustration program and import them into MotionArtist. However, MotionArtist is perfect for placing your characters, backgrounds and other comic book graphics into comic book form.

This comic book software has premade page templates, but also allows you to create your own comic book page layouts with as many panels as you want per page. This means you don't have to be confined to traditional, ridged box-shaped comic book frames. You can use circular, triangular, heart-shaped and many more shapes.

MotionArtist is one of the only comic book makers that has word balloons. These balloons are editable so you don't have to use the same type over and over in each panel. This software has some text tools available. You can include text in your word balloons in many different fonts, sizes and colors.

This comic book software has layers, so you can place multiple graphics on top of each other then edit each one individually without accidentally disrupting the other parts of your story. You can import graphics, photographs and images into your comic book and adjust the size, so each can be included in your story.

The unique feature included in MotionArtist is the ability to give your images motion. It is easy to place your graphic novel or comic book characters into your page layout, then click the point you want them to move to. Press the play button and watch you character turn from comic book heroes into animated champions.

When you are finished making your own comic book, you can save your file into either a JPEG or PNG. This will make it easy to import into other programs for any finishing touches you want to include and to attach to email to send off to your editor.

If you need any help with installation or using MotionArtist, you can easily find the support email online. You can also take advantage of the MotionArtist live chat for quicker troubleshooting responses.

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MotionArtist comic book software doesn't let you create you comic books from inception through print. You can't create your own images and characters with this software; however, this program is great for helping you layout your comic book or graphic novel. The fun motion tool lets you transform your comic book into an animated show.

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