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Janus 4.3 Review

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PROS / This software includes powerful Uranian techniques and enhanced astro-maps.

CONS / It offers no educational features on astrology.

 VERDICT / This application is a nice choice for anyone who's not looking for lessons.

The powerful astrology application, Janus 4.3, is astrology software that contains all the essential calculation and report interpretations you‘re looking for. Developed by Astrology House, a New Zealand company that’s been providing astrological services since 1980, this jam-packed application is especially useful for those interested in practicing the Medieval, Horary and Uranian astrology techniques. From midpoint interpretations to enhanced astro-maps, Janus 4.3 is more than deserving of our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award for our astrology software review.

The astro-mapping module is a true highlight of Janus 4.3. This powerful tool helps you find the best places in the world to do anything, from where you should travel to where you’re more apt to find a long-lasting romantic partner; and it determines ideal locations by interpreting a variety of factors, including planets on angles, aspects on angles, planetary midpoints on angles, to and stars on angles. This module also includes Astro*Carto*Graph, a mapping technique that graphically displays – using planetary lines - the locations on the Earth the astrology software recommends. You simply click a line to view an interpretation.

A feature of Janus 4.3 that makes it standout in the field of astrology software is its ability to faithfully calculate astrology based on Medieval, Horary and Uranian techniques. For those using the Medieval module, you can view a traditional wheel, and 120-year Firdaria tables are included. The pop-up Dignities window comes in handy when learning the basics of Medieval astrology. The Horary module allows for easily interchangeable Houses, and for those interested in Cosmobiology and the lesser-known Uranian technique, Janus 4.3 can calculate charts using that method as well.

Janus 4.3 calculates full natal interpretation reports and full transit interpretation reports that are pre-written and ready to share, with either clients or family and friends. These reports can be edited as you see fit, and they take into consideration transiting planets by aspect and house. They also consider transits to the midpoint of the Sun and Moon, as well as of Ascendant and Midheaven. Janus 4.3 can also create child profile interpretation reports.

For beginners to astrology software, you’re sure to enjoy the Sky Map feature of Janus 4.3. This eye-catching and informative map shows the entire night sky – stars, planets and all – in full graphic representation. By going under “Star Info” in this feature, you'll find definitions of all the astrological bodies in the sky. And by using the animation function in the application, you can the watch the planets move through the constellations. You can also recreate your own night sky.


Janus 4.3 delivers precise astrological charts by employing the Swiss Ephemeris method. And while the application itself doesn‘t offer interactive lessons to help you learn the basics and not-so basics of astrology (a feature to look for if you’re a beginner to astrology software) it does include a full glossary of both general astrology vocabulary and software-specific terms. This glossary is included with the application.

In addition to calculating charts using the classic House methods, including the Koch, Placidus and Zenith methods, Janus 4.3 calculates tables of said Houses. You can choose from 18 different House systems and create a listing for a specific date, or a table for any length of time.

Janus 4.3 includes an atlas with over 250,000 locations, and it creates charts in a variety of zodiacs. It calculates charts using the most commonly used Tropical zodiac as well as the Hindu-based Sidereal and Draconic zodiac, which astrologers will sometimes use to find hidden underlying meanings. In addition, Janus 4.3 calculates Octoscope and Progressed Solar Return charts.

Chart Tools

Like most of the astrology software we reviewed, Janus 4.3 has powerful astrological chart creation tools that are sure to keep seasoned astrologers happy; at the same time, this software manages to keep chart dynamics simple and easy-to-understand for beginners. This astrology software can create single, bi, tri and dynamic (animated) quad wheels, letting users decide how much astrological information they want to view. Users can create Natal, Transit, Progressed, Directed, Compatibility and Relocation charts.

Graphic ephemeris – a visual presentation of transits and progressions in relationship to a natal chart – can be created using Janus 4.3. This is a popular presentation to create for those who use the Cosmobiology technique. Janus 4.3 can also calculate over 1,000 asteroids and list them by position, aspect and midpoint.

A comprehensive wheel and page designer is included with Janus 4.3. The wheel designer allows you to create your own wheel from scratch, or you can re-design any of the pre-made wheel designs included with the software. Standard House and Euro-style wheels are among the pre-made wheels.

Janus 4.3 provides a wealth of information on fixed stars, including the apparent magnitude, the constellation it belongs to, its NGC number, the setting and culminations, and each star's Ptolemaic nature.


In addition to interpretations of where celestial bodies land on a chart, Janus 4.3 also calculate the midpoints on charts. Midpoints in astrology are a mathematical point halfway between two stellar bodies, and these points can draw an interpretative picture for an individual.

Janus 4.3 has election astrology capabilities, allowing you to create a chart around a specific event, which is of great use when planning big events like a wedding, a move or a job change. Election astrology will help you find the best time of year to go through with whatever proposed change you want to make in your life.

Janus 4.3 also managed to surprise us with a few unexpected extras. We love the pop-up tips found under the “Tips” menu option, and the colorful icon toolbar at the top of the main interface makes it a breeze to discover the software’s many features. You can also import/export charts from other competing software titles.

Help & Support

If needed, there are several ways to find help for Janus 4.3. A phone number and email address are both listed on Astrology House’s website, as well as FAQs and an e-newsletter. A detailed help module, alphabetized by the application's functions, can also be accessed from within the software.




Janus 4.3 has an amazing amount of tools, and our review here has just scratched the surface of what this software can do. Thanks to precise calculations, a variety of charts to choose from, detailed interpretation text and multiple zodiacs, Janus 4.3 has proven to be one of the best, most powerful astrology software titles available.