Developed by Astrology House, a New Zealand company, Janus' astrology software series is especially useful for those interested in practicing medieval, Horary and Uranian astrology techniques. Janus calculates full natal interpretation reports and full-transit interpretation reports that are ready to be shared with either clients or family and friends. These reports can be edited as you see fit.

One feature particular to Janus is that it calculates astrology based on medieval, Horary and Uranian techniques. For those using the medieval module, you can view a traditional wheel and 120-year Firdaria tables. The pop-up Dignities window can be helpful when learning the basics of medieval astrology. The Horary module allows for easily interchangeable houses, and for those interested in cosmobiology and the lesser-known Uranian technique, Janus can calculate charts using that method as well.

The Sky Map feature of Janus is an eye-catching and informative map that shows the entire night sky – stars, planets and all – in full graphic representation. Janus delivers precise astrological charts using the Swiss Ephemeris method. Although it doesn't offer interactive lessons to help novices learn the basics and not-so basics of astrology, it includes a full glossary of both general astrology vocabulary and software-specific terms.

In addition to calculating charts using the classic house methods, including the Koch, Placidus and Zenith methods, Janus calculates tables of said houses. You can choose from several different house systems and create a listing for a specific date or a table for any length of time.

Janus includes an atlas with hundreds of thousands of locations, and it creates charts in a variety of zodiacs. It calculates charts using the most commonly used tropical zodiac as well as the Hindu-based Sidereal and Draconic zodiac, which astrologers sometimes use to find hidden underlying meanings.

Janus' chart-creation tools are designed for seasoned astrologers, but the chart dynamics are easy to understand for beginners. Janus can create single, bi, tri and dynamic (animated) quad wheels, letting users decide how much astrological information they want to view. Users can create natal, transit, progressed, directed, compatibility and relocation charts.

A comprehensive wheel and page designer is included. The wheel designer lets you create your own wheel from scratch, or you can re-design any of the premade wheel designs included with the software. Standard house and Euro-style wheels are among the offerings.

You can reach Janus by phone or email. A detailed help module, alphabetized by the application's functions, can also be accessed from within the software.

Janus has a number of tools, precise calculations, a variety of charts to choose from, detailed interpretation text and multiple zodiacs for new and professional astrologers alike.