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WOW Horoscope Interpreter Review

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PROS / The functions and features are fully automated.

CONS / It has very basic chart creation tools and offers no lessons in astrology.

 VERDICT / Beginners will love how easy this software is to use.

WOW Horoscope Interpreter, developed by astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, has been in circulation since 1995. This reasonably priced astrology software package is another professional report writer that is ideal for beginners since every function of the application is fully automated, eliminating the need for previous astrology knowledge. The software helps you create basic wheels and illustrate the report, and it includes three interpretive writers. WOW Horoscope Interpreter is a proven, quality astrology software application, and we‘re pleased to include it in our astrology software review.

WOW Horoscope Interpreter creates single wheel charts, as well as full-length interpretive reports. It includes the three major House systems – Placidus, Koch and Equal – and creates Aspect grids, Planet Position grids and House Cusp Position grids. The impressive three-year transit graph function of WOW Horoscope Interpreter graphically explains what’s happening in your life and recommends how to handle it. You can choose the length of time it covers as well as which planets and transits you’d it to display. An atlas is also included with the software, featuring 80,000 cities. WOW Horoscope Interpreter can also view orbs.

WOW Horoscope Interpreter comes with three interpretive modes. They include Personal, Professional and Dynamic. Personal mode provides a detailed description of character qualities, Professional mode focuses on your talent and career abilities and Dynamic mode looks to the future and provides predictions based on time periods you've put into the application. A full report (a natal and transit report combined) can run up to 35 pages long, giving you an incredible amount of text to read and study.

WOW Horoscope Interpreter provides some of the most streamlined pop-up interpretations we’ve seen in any astrology software package. The main interface is extremely user-friendly, with the wheel positioned to the right of the screen, and the interpretations on the left side. Simply click anywhere on the chart and an interpretation of the sign or planet position will be displayed to the left.

For those new to astrology, a thorough explanation of every astrological symbol used on the chart can be found under View > Symbol Explanation. The software also prints high quality reports that are completely customizable. Animations of several celestial bodies are also included.

WOW Horoscope Interpreter comes with an outstanding personal database function. Once you've created a report for someone, you can input name, birth details, photo, notes, horoscope and other details for that person. You can also sort your database into groups, such as Family, Friends, Clients, Famous People, etc.

Help is easy to find with WOW Horoscope Interpreter. Contact information for phone and email support is found on their site, and an extensive user manual is included with the software. The manufacturer’s online support section contains a huge FAQs area, sure to answer most questions.


WOW Horoscope Interpreter is a solid natal and transit report writer with impressive printout capabilities. Because most of its functions are highly automated, this powerful report writer is a great place to start your at-home astrology endeavors.