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The Best Calendar Software of 2017

Create Your Own Calendars

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The Best Calendar Software of 2017
Our Ranking Calendar Software Price
1 Calendar Creator $29.99
2 PrintMaster Platinum $39.99
3 Photo Calendar Creator $39.00
4 VueMinder Pro $49.95
5 Simply Calenders $24.95
6 EZ Photo Calendar Creator 2 $24.95
7 Photo Collage Studio $29.95
8 My Photo Calendar $24.99
9 Calendar Builder $19.95
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Calendar Software Review

Why Use Calendar Software?

The top performers in our review are Calendar Creator, the Gold Award winner; PrintMaster Platinum, the Silver Award winner; and Photo Calendar Creator, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a software to meet your needs, along with details on how we arrived at our ranking of the top 10 calendar software programs.

In the digital age, calendars have taken on a whole new life. A calendar can be a personal, interactive documents to help you stay on task. Plus, it can become a reflection of your personality and your life.

Calendar software lets you customize calendars according to your style and tastes for specific events. You can vary the calendars to suit different aspects of your life. A calendar you create for your office, for instance, is going to have a different look, feel and purpose than a calendar for your home, church group or a club of which you are a member. Calendar software and applications give you step-by-step tools to easily create calendars that are both personal and professional.

The best calendar software programs let you save to a variety of formats like PDF, BMP and JPEG. These calendars also perform functions like burning data onto a CD or allowing you to make high-definition printouts for a wall calendar. There are many specific types of calendars you can create using this software. However, you can also repurpose quality templates to reflect important events in your life.

Calendars for specific purposes can help you remember and track day-to-day activities. A 40-week maternity calendar can help you keep track of doctor’s appointments and pregnancy milestones. Birthday and anniversary calendars will help you remember important events. Whether you’re part of a large nonprofit organization or a small book club, group calendars can give you a place where you can organize pertinent information and upcoming events all in the same place. If you’re a teacher, school calendars will help you keep track of upcoming tests, assignments and projects. Non-English calendars offer multilanguage options as well as specialized fonts.

Choosing the Best Calendar Software for Your Needs

Our research revealed which programs are the best custom calendar makers. We compared the number of calendar templates, images, editing tools and fonts, and found they vary significantly between different programs and applications. Your decision about which program to choose should be based largely on the complexity or simplicity of the calendars you want to create.

Many of the software packages branch out into other areas, such as greeting cards, while some programs, like Calendar Creator, focus exclusively on calendars and excel in every aspect of calendar creation. Of course, the more templates and images you have to choose from the better, and the programs that specialize in calendar creation are often the ones that provide you with the most options.

Some programs are run exclusively online. The advantages to an online calendar maker that you download as an application is that it is dynamic. It changes and is updated regularly. You may prefer the simplicity of working off your desktop with a software package you download from a CD-ROM. However, most programs will rely on complementary online downloads.

While calendar software allows you to create a wide variety of personalized calendars for your home, office and other areas of your life, we’ve created separate review lineups with even more specialized focus. For busy professionals, scheduling software helps you organize your personal and professional life. Other software narrows the focus even more, targeting such areas as employee scheduling and business planning.

What Else is Important When Customizing Calendars?

You should decide how personalized you want to make your calendars. You will want to have the ability to import your own photos to give it a personal touch, but you will also want to have the option to choose as many high-quality pictures in your image library as possible. With a combination of personal and customizable images, you can put the photo calendar maker to work creating works of personalized art that remind you of important events.

After researching and testing many applications, we identified which tools and features are most important to look for when you decide to purchase calendar software. These features are reflected in our scores, recommendations and articles about calendar making software.

Calendar Software: Which Features Are Important to You?
The application you choose should have as many templates, editing tools and images as possible. You’ll want the ability to import your own images and choose from a library of quality images as well. The best calendar software lets you add holidays and special events. Since you will be creating calendars for a variety of purposes, spanning various aspects of your life, it’s important to have the ability to isolate specific weeks, months or the entire year on a single page.

If you only plan to print the calendars you create, calendar format options may not be as important to you. However, if you plan to send the finished product via email or post it online, the file formatting options will play a larger role in which application you choose.

Premium Features
Cutting-edge software, like Calendar Creator, will sync with common digital calendars such as Microsoft Outlook. Once the information from appointments and reminders in Outlook is consolidated onto your calendar, you can print it off with all the important dates highlighted.

Calendar software packages that specialize in calendar creation, instead of branching out into areas like greeting cards, tend to have richer options like an increased number of templates. You should have a variety of templates, along with the flexibility to adjust the look of those templates, to give your calendars a customized appearance. The application should also have many fonts, images and photo editing options.

Summary and Recommendations

It's easy to make your own calendars using calendar maker software. However, not all calendar programs are the same. After researching and testing many applications, we identified which tools and features are most important to look for when you decide to purchase the best calendar software. With the tools and features that many of these applications have, you'll be able to quickly create the calendars you envision. We identified the three best personalized calendar makers out there. Our testing revealed Calendar Creator, PrintMaster Platinum and Photo Calendar Creator to be the best calendar software options out there. You can find additional information by reading our articles about calendar making software.