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Print Master Gold 2.0 Review

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PROS / Lots of calendar templates to choose from with lots of clipart.

CONS / Dates are not automatically populated making it difficult and time consuming to enter specific dates before printing.

 VERDICT / This is an average product that can assist in any basic calendar creation process, but there are better products out there.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating this product’s information.

Print Master Gold 2.0

The Print Master Gold 2.0 calendar making software is easy and has lots of clipart and background options to use. Though it has many good qualities that make it a worthy photo calendar software product, we experienced some glitches using the text box, resizing images and other usability issues that lowered its ranking when compared with other calendar software we reviewed.


Print Master Gold allows the user to choose to create a document from scratch or start one from a ready-made template. Choosing the ready-made template will provide 29 calendar templates to choose from. There are pros and cons to each option. The pros to the templates are that the calendar portion is already created. The user can just insert photos where they are instructed to and the project can then be finished. The cons are that these templates are much more difficult to customize. Even though the templates contain a design, they are not populated with dates so it is up to the creator to add those in as well as add specific text to signal events and holidays. It’s recommended that if the user wants a unique design, they should choosethe “from scratch” option. Templates are a great choice for the creatively challenged.

The pros to starting a project from scratch are the option to select specific dimensions, any background (including personal photos or clipart images) and then you can add as many or as few photos as you want along with text, clipart and shapes as wanted. The cons are that there is no option to add an automatic layout to the scratch product. The user will have to create a calendar using the shapes and lines section and the text box tool. This is very time consuming and may boost enthusiasm to utilize the calendar templates.

The photo editor allows the user to add a mat in various colors and sizes to the picture as well as add a dropped shadow, giving your picture a 3-D dimension. The user can also crop the photo, remove red-eye, rotate the image in all directions, create an opacity in the picture, zoom in and out on any portion of the picture, add photo effects including black and white, sepia, blue, red, brighten, darken, mirror, flip, blur, sharpen, negative, gamma corrections, emboss, sketch, impressionist painting and fish eye.

We can also change the photo by making it square, rounding the corners, changing the shape into a circle, heart, star, diamond and more. You can also edit the dimensions and change the pixels in the photo. And finally you have the option to either replace the photo with another, maintaining the existing edits, or to removing the image all together.

The text box tool is a little tricky. Any features of the text should be changed before entering the text. We found that it was really difficult to make the color changes, font changes and size and style changes once the text was typed out in the box. All of these changes are possible. In fact, Print Master has a great selection of fonts, but it was frustrating when the changes didn’t take.

The headlines tool is much like the text box tool, except that it is much more responsive to commands and changes than the text box tool. The font size adjusts with adjustment of the box size. Also, the color changes are not difficult to make. Also there are several options for texture; gradient and image fill for the headline. Within the headline style box, the user has the option of changing the beveling, stroke, shadow and shape. All of these tools contain slide bars to adjust the feature as needed. It made for some very easy adjustments.

Finally, the clipart selection was big. There are many photos to choose from as well as some line drawings. We liked that the clipart pop-up box had a search bar, so if the user knows exactly what they are after, they can utilize the search bar and get to the item quickly. Also, there were a lot of photographs within the clipart selection. This was both good and bad: good because you could utilize the image in a lot of different ways, but bad because if you need just a single image (not the whole photograph) the user has to edit the photo to cut the rest out, which again is very time consuming.


Print Master Gold is an easy-to-use interface that makes for a streamlined creation process. It does have a few things that require a little extra effort such as, the dates need to be added manually. The text box tool also makes changing entered text difficult. Overall, the ease of use of this product is good, but it could be better when compared to other calendar software we reviewed.

Calendar Types

Like our top-ranked ranked product, Calendar Creator, this software program is a physical disk. It took a little longer than the downloadable programs to install, but installation was fewer than 15 minutes and then we had to restart the computer. We also experienced no adverse affects on our operating system.

File Formats

There is a project manual included in the software, but the only online help is through an email form from the manufacturer’s website.


Print Master Gold 2.0 is good calendar software and is extremely easy to use. Some of the tools and features seemed to have some glitches in them like manually resizing an image, changing existing text in the text box, and not having the option to easily add a layout to the document seemed to hold back this potentially great product. Overall, it’s easy and has some cool templates for everyone, but Print Master Gold 2.0‘s performance was just too frustrating to compete with our higher ranked photo calendar software products.

Print Master Gold 2.0