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PrintMaster Platinum 18.1 Review

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PROS / This application comes with 577 calendar templates and 305,000 images in its library.

CONS / The calendars are meant to be printed, not used electronically.

 VERDICT / PrintMaster lets you choose from thousands of elements and features; it also allows you to import your own images to create a truly unique calendar.

Editor's Note: PrintMaster Platinum 7, the newest version of PrintMaster, is now available. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering more than 4,700 templates, more than 165,000 clip art images and 400 fonts. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version when we next update the calendar software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review of Printmaster 18.1 below.

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PrintMaster Platinum 18.1 is an application that has templates, images and basic editing tools for a variety of projects, including calendars. You can create a calendar using one of the 577 calendar templates, or you can make one from scratch. With more than 305,000 images and the option to import your own images, you'll be sure to have a calendar that is unique to you. These are some of the reasons PrintMaster Platinum 18.1 is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

  1. This is the number of calendar designs that the application offers.
    More is better
  2. 2 PrintMaster Platinum
    577 Templates
  3. 500 Templates
  4. 115 Templates
  5. Category Average
    166.50 Templates

Although there's a more recent version of PrintMaster Platinum (version 2011), it doesn't have nearly as many calendar templates. The interface of the 18.1 version is a little outdated, but the application still has great functionality with tools that work properly. If you can look past the older appearance of PrintMaster Platinum 18.1, it will be well worth it because of all the features this calendar software offers.


This calendar maker software comes with 577 calendar templates, which is hundreds more than most of the other products we reviewed. Whether you need monthly or weekly calendars,

 PrintMaster Platinum has designs for them. In addition to calendar templates, this calendar making software also has more than 21,000 project templates for designing greeting cards, stationary, stickers and more. You can also create a calendar from scratch if you don't want to use a template.

For pictures, you can import your own images or choose from 305,000 images in the application's library. You'll find photos, clipart and line drawings in the image library. The library has a search feature that makes it easy to find the images you want.

The photo editor allows you to flip or crop an image, remove red eye, and rotate or resize an image. You can also add photo effects including black and white, sepia, blue, red, fisheye, mirror, emboss, sketch and impressionist. The PrintMaster Platinum editor has tools that add a drop shadow, give text a 3-D look, and blur and sharpen images. You can even correct the gamma in the picture. Another photo editing feature this calendar making software has is the ability to add a mat to the image. You can round the corners of an image or change its shape to be a circle, heart, diamond, star and more. This calendar software comes with more than 600 fonts, so you can create unique projects that look the way you envision them.

However, be sure you adjust the text to be the way you want it before you click out of the text box. Once you've written text and moved on to another task, it's difficult to go back and change the color, font face or text size. Within the headline style box, you can change the text's bevel, stroke, shadow and shape.

As mentioned previously, PrintMaster Platinum 18.1 has a dated interface. However, this application is among the best calendar software because it has so many tools and templates compared to the 2011 version of PrintMaster Platinum. It also outperforms many other similar products when it comes to ease of use and overall functionality of the program.


Even though the templates contain a design, they are not populated with dates, so it is up to you to add those. You'll also have to add text to denote special events and holidays. Although this calendar software doesn't automatically add this information, it's still much better than applications that won't allow you to add information in the calendar date cells.

PrintMaster Platinum has a Spellcheck and an Undo button. Many other applications we tested didn't include these necessary and expected functions. PrintMaster Platinum also has a Redo button, which makes this calendar software even more user-friendly.

If you create your own calendar, PrintMaster Platinum makes it easy for you. This application enables you to change the order in which objects are layered in your projects. It also allows you to add captions to your calendar images.

Calendar Types

TThe best part about this calendar making software is that you can create a calendar using your own designs or one that PrintMaster has created. You can choose from calendars that hang on your wall or sit on your desk.

The calendars you create using this software aren't meant for electronic use; they are designed specifically for printing. This means that you can't add reminders to alert you to events or daily tasks that you can mark off with the click of a mouse. You also can't perform functions like sync the calendars with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or any other calendar software.

File Formats

While you can’t create dynamic electronic calendars with this software, you can save your calendars as electronic files on your computer. This is helpful if you want to email your calendar, upload it to a website or save it to work on later. You can also burn the files onto CD. PrintMaster Platinum allows you to save your calendars as JPEG, PDF, BMP and TIFF files. This software has more file format options than many of the products in our calendar software reviews.


PrintMaster Platinum 18.1 provides design elements for a variety of projects. It has hundreds more calendar templates than most of the products we reviewed. This calendar software comes with 305,000 images, more than 600 fonts and basic photo editing tools. With the number of features and editing tools that come with this software, you can create a calendar that's unique every time.

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