Pros / Home Cookin allows you to quickly find and delete duplicate recipes.

Cons / This program does not include a smartphone app.

 Verdict / With features such as meal planners, hard-copy prints and duplicate recipe deletion, Home Cookin is a simple and convenient recipe program to accompany you in the kitchen, though it is quite basic.

Home Cookin is a cookbook and recipe program that allows you to add your own recipes to the ones it comes with. You can share recipes easily by printing out recipe cards or creating your own cookbook to give as a gift. You can keep your recipes organized and duplicate-free by using the duplicate finder feature.

This recipe program comes with several recipes already in the application. However, it is simple to add your family favorites by using the manual import feature. You can also search the web for more great recipes and add those to your collection. If you want to create a cookbook to share with friends and family members, you can use the software’s cookbook design features. Once you enter in your personal recipes or import them into the application from the web, you can add an image of the prepared meal. This adds aesthetic appeal to your cookbook. You can also print out a hard copy of your recipes for your own reference or to share with others.

Home Cookin offers several different options in the menu planner. You can easily create daily menus by week, by month or even further ahead. There is no limit to the number of menus you can plan using this recipe program. You can also add notes into your meal planner to reference other cookbooks or recipes. You can keep your menu planners for years to come. This will allow you to look up old recipes that your family raved about and make them again.

This cookbook and recipe program gives you the opportunity to adjust serving sizes of your recipes to fit the needs of you and your family. This is an excellent feature to have if you generally cook for a smaller group but occasionally like to cook for large groups. When you adjust your recipe’s serving sizes, you can change them permanently or on a temporary basis.

The software lets you transfer your files to another laptop or desktop computer by installing the program onto a flash drive. This may be convenient if you do not enjoy printing out your recipes. Unfortunately, Home Cookin does not have a smartphone app that would enable you to create recipes or shopping lists when you are away from your computer.

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Home Cookin cookbook and recipe software offers convenient features that will make your life in the kitchen easier, such as the ability to find and delete duplicate recipes. The ability to create and print out hardbound cookbooks of your favorite recipes is a great feature for sharing your favorite recipes. Unfortunately, this application does not have a smartphone app, which would add an extra level of convenience. However, you can always print out your recipes and shopping lists.

Home Cookin 8.67 Visit Site