Pros / MasterCook comes with over 8,000 recipes.

Cons / The company does not offer phone support.

 Verdict / MasterCook provides a great feature set, including menu-planning options, a comprehensive shopping list and verbal cooking instructions, making it one of the best recipe programs we reviewed.

MasterCook cookbook and recipe software offers several new and improved features to decrease your preparation time and increase your enjoyment in the kitchen. These features include a timer function, recipe scale, and the ability to download recipes and shopping lists to your iPhone or iPad. With all of these features, and more than 8,000 included recipes, this recipe program earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Because this recipe software offers so many different features, cooks of all types will enjoy using it. Additionally, this program offers a list of sorting options for finding the perfect recipe to keep everyone happy in case a family member has different dietary needs. These categories include diabetic, low-fat, low-sodium, lactose-free and gluten-free recipes.

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Recipe Manager

This recipe software allows you to sort by preparation time, key ingredient or specialty diet. For more productive searches, you can assign your recipes to 12 different categories, including breads, appetizers, beverages and main dishes. You can also easily add your own categories.

MasterCook makes recipe customization easy. You can add your own recipes, as well as directions, photos, important notes, preparation time, nutritional value and ratings to any recipe. All of the recipes include a heart icon that you can click on to show all the health facts.

Cooking Tools

This recipe program offers helpful extra features, including a button that converts unhealthy recipes into healthy recipes with appropriate substitutes such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg for allspice. If you're missing an ingredient and don't have time to buy it, this software helps you find a solution. For example, if you need to substitute chocolate, MasterCook gives you four options to make the equivalent of the chocolate bar.

You can also listen to verbal cooking instructions, so you can use the program completely hands-free. This recipe software also has an embedded wine list where you can keep track of your wine inventory and record information such as where and when you bought different bottles, as well as add tasting notes.

Help & Support

The MasterCook website has a section of FAQs, a user manual and a tips section. The program also offers customer support via email form. The website is packed with comprehensive information, detailing how the program works and describing its many helpful features. However, there is no way to speak to a representative over the phone if you need help quickly.


MasterCook is user-friendly cookbook and recipe software for a great price. It comes with over 8,000 recipes, and there is plenty of room to add your own. The hands-free audio cooking instructions and interactive website make this a competitive software package. Unfortunately, the company does not offer telephone support. Overall, MasterCook is one of the best cookbook and recipe programs we have seen, with numerous features and recipes that enhance your cooking experience.

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