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Shop'NCook Menu 3.4.3 Review

PROS / Shop'NCook allows users to join Direct Access, a website with more than 70,000 recipes.

CONS / This recipe software does not allow you to create a calendar of meal plans.

 VERDICT / Shop'NCook gives you access to a great selection of recipes and helps you organize your recipes, but it doesn’t offer many other features.

Shop'NCook Menu is a simple recipe program that comes with hundreds of recipes in two preloaded cookbooks: Main and Chicken. You can add to this collection quickly through the Direct Access website link located below the preloaded cookbooks. This database gives you access to over 70,000 recipes, which is impressive. Unfortunately, the program takes a little time to load and has a dated appearance.

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The recipe manager of Shop'NCook is impressive, mostly because you can import recipes easily. You can also quickly create your own recipes manually through the program or by copying and pasting information. The recipe wizard has the ability to recognize your ingredients and create a list of nutritional information based on your recipe. This nutritional information is provided by the USDA, which means it is a fairly accurate approximation of how healthy the recipes are.

  1. The number of recipes included in the program when you first purchase it.
    More is better
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    70000 Number
  3. 8000 Number
  4. 1000 Number
  5. 550 Number
  6. Category Average
    25475.00 Number

Unfortunately, this recipe software lacks the search options that the best recipe software offers. You can only search recipes by title, category or ingredient. If you are importing a diverse collection of your own recipes on top of the pre-existing ones, the lack of more advanced search options will probably leave you wanting more.

This cookbook and recipe software allows you to create a grocery list and keep your recipes organized with little effort. You can create grocery lists that plot your grocery items by aisle, which is rather convenient. This recipe program also scales your recipes based on the number of people you plan on serving.

If you run into any issues with Shop'NCook, you can contact the developers through email, which you send through the program's website. The website includes video tutorials to show you how to perform certain functions step by step, which is incredibly helpful. You can try the program out for 45 days before making a final purchase.


Shop'NCook Menu is an effective program that does a great job of storing your favorite recipes and creating grocery lists. This program has an impressive number of preloaded recipes and gives you access to thousands more, but it lacks certain functions such as advanced search options. Overall, this application offers a great way to keep your recipes organized, but it may leave you wanting more, especially if you have an extensive library of recipes you want to import yourself.

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