Pros / TheRecipeManager comes with over 1,000 recipes.

Cons / You can only share recipes with others who use this program.

 Verdict / TheRecipeManager works well as a program for organizing and sorting your favorite recipes in one location, though its sharing capabilities are limited.

TheRecipeManager cookbook and recipe software comes with over 1,000 recipes to add to your collection, and you can download recipes from websites directly to the program. This application also allows you to download full cookbooks from Once you find your favorite recipes, though, you can only share with friends who have TheRecipeManager software, which is quite limiting compared to the best recipe software.

Recipes you download from, as well as recipes included with the software, come with images of the concoctions in finished form. It's helpful to see what each prepared dish will look like before you try cooking something new. The images may also give you serving ideas to enhance your dish or its presentation. The images are placed in the recipe viewer so you can get a good idea of what you are cooking. You can click on images to make them larger, or, if you prefer, you can browse recipes by images only.

The recipes are listed in alphabetical order instead of grouped by meal category. This makes it simple to scroll through the list to get recipe ideas when you just cannot choose what to make for dinner. You can also search for recipes by name. It is simple to scale a recipe using this recipe program. With the dropdown arrow, you can select as many servings as you need. The recipe automatically updates the ingredient list for the new serving size. You can also mark your favorite recipes, making them easy to find again.

This cookbook software comes with a menu planner, allowing you to create menus by using a simple drag-and-drop method. Once you save your recipe, it shows up in the calendar. If you decide that you want to move that recipe to a different day, you can drag it from its original position on the calendar to the new date.

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TheRecipeManager includes over 1,000 recipes to get your digital recipe database started. It also offers some great images that show you the finished product. The recipes are simple to search for by entering the name into the search bar or scrolling through the recipes. You can also search recipes using the handy image library. Unfortunately, your friends and family will need their own copy of TheRecipeManager if you want to share recipes with them using this program. Overall, though, this recipe organizer provides a useful way to store all your dishes in one place.

The Recipe Manager 4.1.0 Visit Site

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