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Pros / You can enter user information that automatically populates in applicable templates such as business cards, resumes and flyers.

Cons / This software does not have scrapbooking templates.

 Verdict / While it has fewer templates than similar software programs do, Art Explosions Publisher Pro has plenty of options for customizing professional-looking print projects.

Art Explosion Publisher Pro offers thousands of templates for some of the most popular home print projects. You use the design tools to customize any of the professionally designed templates, including brochures, business cards, letterheads and greeting cards. While this creative printing software does not offer scrapbook templates, you can add your own pictures to any project you create.

With over 2,000 templates to choose from, you have plenty of options for starting your print project. When you select a template, you can also choose from a variety of color schemes that alter text, background and other colors, and you can change and adjust elements in your document at any time. You can add backgrounds, graphics and text boxes using the design tools on the left side.

Another nice feature of this printing software is the user information option. You fill out information such as your name, company, job title and address, and when you open a template that uses that information, it automatically populates. If you want to design a new business card and you have already entered your information into the program, any template you choose will already have the relevant fields populated. Then all you have to do is customize the design.

There is a wide array of options for customizing your projects with this printing program. You can add graphics and your own pictures, which you drag and drop into the program from a computer file. You can crop, rotate and resize images, add effects such as opacity and blur, and adjust the brightness and contrast.

This printing solutions software offers many options for text editing as well. When you create a text box, you type directly in it, and you can use the design tools to change the size, color or font on any of 750 choices. You can add styles like headings or add 3D effects. The spell-checker underlines any misspelled words in red so you can catch errors.

The software publisher offers some support if you have questions. Support by phone costs each time, but online you can take advantage of the live chat option, search for answers in the knowledgebase or read the FAQs page.

  • Number of Templates
  • Image Library
  • Number of Fonts
  1. Premade blueprints are available as guides for projects such as scrapbooks and posters.
    More is better
  2. 6  Art Explosion Publisher Pro
    2000.0 Number
  3. 28000.0 Number
  4. 4700.0 Number
  5. 26500.0 Number
  6. Category Average
    10700.0 Number


Art Explosion Publisher Pro is a great tool for helping you create beautiful and professional-looking designs without the professional expense. You can choose from thousands of templates that cover a broad range of projects, and the user information and design tools help you to customize your projects and personalize your documents. With the exception of a few types of templates and features, this software has everything creative printing software should.

Art Explosion Publisher Pro 3 Visit Site