Pros / With over 8,400 templates and 75 complete sets in this software, you have ample options to get your project going.

Cons / It can be difficult to click on and edit specific elements on the page.

 Verdict / This software has a lot of good features and a nice selection of templates, fonts and text editing tools, but sometimes it is not very user-friendly.

Design & Print Business Edition helps you create personal greeting cards, postcards, business cards, letterheads and brochures, among other projects. This creative printing software has thousands of templates with a variety of color options and themes, so you can customize your projects to your liking. The layout is familiar, as it is set up like a word processor.

With this print management software, you can choose from over 8,400 templates to create projects such as greeting cards and brochures. Each option has dozens of color schemes and themes to choose from, and there are many matching sets. Rather than you having to sort through dozens of different layouts and themes, matching sets give cohesion to your projects, with similar graphics, colors and fonts between creations. For example, you can create a business card with matching letterhead, envelopes and flyers for your business.

After completing your projects with this print program, you can print them, send them in an email or save them as JPGs. Once they are in a JPG format, you can post them online to social media sites or your blog, but this software doesn't have an option of sending projects directly from the software as other programs do.

Design & Print does not have an internal image library, but you can add your own images. The print software allows you to insert files saved on your computer, including photos, graphics and images, as long as they are in the correct file format. After inserting an image, you can rotate and resize it, add effects, adjust the color and even blur it. One nice feature is that you can preview the changes you make before applying them. Unfortunately, at times – especially when there are many elements on your document – it is difficult to click on the specific item you want to edit.

For text, you can choose from over 500 fonts, and customize them too. You can control the alignment and how the text flows around objects, adjust the size and color, and even rotate the text box. We experienced some issues when editing text, however. Sometimes the text would change colors or fonts unexpectedly, and some of the text would highlight or delete without the command.

The manufacturer, Avanquest, offers good support options. You can find answers in the knowledgebase, email customer support or chat live with a representative. If you want to call customer support, though, there is a fee.

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  • Number of Templates
  • Image Library
  • Number of Fonts
  1. Premade blueprints are available as guides for projects such as scrapbooks and posters.
    More is better
  2. 9  Design & Print Business Edition
    8400.0 Number
  3. 28000.0 Number
  4. 4700.0 Number
  5. 26500.0 Number
  6. Category Average
    10700.0 Number


Design & Print Business Edition has a good amount of features, templates and fonts, but it does not have an image library or templates for common projects like scrapbooks, photo projects or posters. Although the user interface is fairly simple, we ran into some frustration trying to edit and create projects. Though you can complete a variety of projects with this software, using attractive templates for business cards and brochures, other programs have more options and are easier to use.

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