Pros / This software allows you to customize greeting cards professionally designed by Hallmark.

Cons / The template options are limited.

 Verdict / Although you can create a number of attractive home print projects with this software, which has all kinds of greeting card and stationery options, it lacks variety and you won't enable you to create things like business cards, booklets or banners.

Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe is creative printing software that allows you to customize attractive Hallmark cards so they are personal and say exactly what you want them to say. This software has templates for not only greeting cards, but also scrapbook pages, photo projects and calendars.

This print design software offers over 16,000 templates for you to choose from, all professionally created by Hallmark designers. You can browse the categories for each template or search by keyword. For greeting cards, you can search for templates by event, person or subject, such as love or work. After selecting one, you can edit the elements within it. There are some templates missing from it, however, which limits the projects you can create. For instance, there are no templates for business cards, backdrops, booklets or banners. So while you have a lot of options within Hallmark's specialty areas – greeting cards, webpages and scrapbooks – it's limited when it comes to the types of projects you can create.

You can drag and drop photos from your computer files directly into the program. With the image tool, you can adjust the width and height and move a photo in small increments to get it into the perfect position. You can rotate the image or add a frame or clip art, searching the library of over 20,000 images by keyword or category.

Text editing is fairly simple with this photo printing software. However, sometimes each word has its own text box, so it can be a long process to edit existing text. You can adjust the font, size, alignment and color, or add interesting text effects. The spell-checker is a useful tool to ensure that any text you add is spelled correctly.

Another nice feature this print program offers is writing etiquette tips. It has suggestions for expressing gratitude, sympathy and love in six simple parts. If you aren't sure what to say or how to say it, this is a useful feature.

After you finish your creation, you can print it or save it, including as a PDF so you can post it on social media or add it to your personal website or blog. You can also use this software's mail merge to email your creations. This is a handy feature if you need to send out a large number of invitations or announcements.

Hallmark offers good support options if you ever need help with the software. There are tutorials within the program, and online you can search for answers in the knowledgebase, submit an email request for help or access live chat. You can also find the phone number on the website to call customer support.

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  • Number of Templates
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  • Number of Fonts
  1. Premade blueprints are available as guides for projects such as scrapbooks and posters.
    More is better
  2. 7  Hallmark Card Studio
    15000.0 Number
  3. 28000.0 Number
  4. 4700.0 Number
  5. 26500.0 Number
  6. 5400.0 Number
  7. Category Average
    8725.0 Number


Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe has thousands of professionally designed greeting cards for all occasions, and it has templates to create other fun projects such as calendars, scrapbooks and stationery. You have less editing control in this software than in similar programs when it comes to graphics, images and text, although you can still add fun effects to each. While this software has a lot of good features, it has fewer templates than other programs do, and you can't do as much with them as you can in the best software.

Hallmark Card Studio 2016 Deluxe Visit Site

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