Pros / This software has over 28,000 templates.

Cons / You have to pay for phone support.

 Verdict / Print Artist Platinum is the best creative printing software. With extensive template, image and font options you will be able to use this software to customize professional and personal print designs of all kinds.

When it comes to creative printing software that lets you personalize and customize print projects, one stands out above the rest. Print Artist Platinum has a large number of templates that cover more design options than any other software we reviewed. With its extensive image library, simple interface, and user-friendly text and editing tools, Print Artist Platinum is the clear-cut winner of our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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  • Number of Templates
  • Image Library
  • Number of Fonts
  1. Premade blueprints are available as guides for projects such as scrapbooks and posters.
    More is better
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    28000.0 Number
  3. 4700.0 Number
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Print Artist Platinum has over 28,000 templates to choose from, to align with a wide variety of styles. You can browse the categories or search by keyword to find the best foundation for your project. This print design software has greeting card templates for birthdays, holidays and many other special occasions, and each occasion has subcategories where you'll find more specialized themes. You just select which template you like best, and from there you can customize the text, font and graphics, and you can even add your own photos for more personalization.

You can also add your own pictures to scrapbook projects and photo cards. The photo card template lets you customize a 4 x 8 picture to announce a wedding, send holiday wishes to friends and family, or add a personal touch to a framed photo. This application's scrapbooking templates include themes like holidays, vacations and family. You can create family trees with your photos, which will let you organize old black-and-white photos of your ancestors.

This software lets you create sets of documents that can give a consistent theme to your business or party. There are sets for business cards and letterheads to give your documents a cohesive and professional look. Matching party sets allow you to create a themed birthday. You can print items such as gift tags, boxes, invitations, event hats and masks. This software has some other fun projects that many of the other print applications in our review do not, including bridal shower games, coloring pages, place mats and door hangers. This is also one of the few applications that offer templates for webpages.

Editing Tools

This print management software has impressive options for graphics and images. With over 377,000 graphics and images that come standard with the software, it gives you significantly more to choose from than any other greeting card printing software we looked at. While the sheer number can be overwhelming, you can narrow down the search by category or perform a keyword search. There are beautiful real photos as well as cartoonish graphics for playful additions, and you can use the drawing tool to further customize your project. Plus, it's easy to replace a photo in a template with one of your own.

This software has fun effects and editing options. Using this application we were able to add color effects such as grayscale or sepia, and control the intensity of each effect so we didn't go too far. You can crop, resize and rotate your photos to any position and add frames. We used the auto fix on a photo that was too dark, and it lightened up impressively. You can adjust quality and color manually or use auto fix for photos that may not need as much work. It has a red-eye removal tool that worked effectively on some of our photos.

Text Tools

This print program has over 1,000 fonts to choose from, which is an asset because the font you choose can completely change the mood of your project. When you select text, it pops up in a separate window where you can edit it and insert special characters, but you can adjust the font, size and color from the main screen. You cannot have more than one font within the same box, but you can create separate boxes that overlap if you want to have a variety.

You can add text effects such as tilted, staggered and wacky lettering. You can also choose fonts with shadows, outlines and tracers. The text can rotate or wrap, and the spell-checker helps ensure your text is free of errors.

Sharing Capabilities

Once you've finished your creation, Print Artist Platinum gives you a number of options for saving and sharing. In addition to the basic printing and file format options, you can share your creations on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. If you don't want to share your projects publicly, you can email them using this software's mail-merge feature, which is great for sending out items such as announcements and invitations en masse. You can also create a digital slideshow and burn it to a CD to have a physical copy.

Help & Support

Although this software is easy to use, it is always comforting to know that there are support options should you ever need help. Print Artist Platinum offers online live chat, which is convenient if you need an answer to a quick question. The knowledgebase has some useful information, and if you can't find an answer to your question, you can submit an email request for a customer service representative to contact you. The software publisher, Nova Development, offers support by telephone, but phone support costs each time you use it, which is a drawback, though the software is intuitive enough that you shouldn't have to contact support much.


Print Artist Platinum is the best printing software we reviewed. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, which should mitigate the cost attached to the phone support. Its comprehensive list of templates covers numerous projects, including scrapbooks and webpages. You can print matching sets for business-related printing or for party favors to create a cohesive theme. After you've finished your creations, you have options to print, create a slideshow, email or share your projects online. The large image library, impressive font options, and tools for graphics and text all allow you to make fun, creative and personal projects with this impressive print software.

Print Artist Platinum 25 Visit Site

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