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Pros / Print Perfect Deluxe offers a basic set of features for any print project.

Cons / Is somewhat outdated and lacks tools of other creative printing software.

 Verdict / Although dated, this program is capable enough to take a chance on.

Print Perfect Deluxe by Cosmi is easy-to-use creative printing software. You can create family trees, resumes, school projects and more. Just three easy steps and you can begin printing projects to send to friends and loved ones. While everything involved with the program appears to be a little dated, you can be sure that it's still functional and capable of creating wonderful things for you and those you love. If you want to create something original and similar to what your loved ones received way back then, this is the program for you. If you want something a little more modern, look to the higher-ranked programs in this category such as the Print Shop Deluxe. However, this program is capable enough to take a chance on.


Overall, Print Perfect Deluxe is very easy to use. The only problem with the program's interface is the inability to right-click and access editing options such as copy, cut and paste while working on print projects.

Editing Tools

This software package includes thousands of templates to choose from, ranging from awards to scrapbooks. One unique project you can create is a "tattoo" for iPod players. You can also create family tree charts to track your genealogy.

Text Tools

This creative printing software does have some good graphic/tool features. Where it suffers compared to our top products is when working with clipart for print projects. It only lets you do a few things with a clipart image, such as add clipart to a photo shape, or change the image. It would be nice if it offered more tools to work with clipart images.

Sharing Capabilities

Text tools in this software are plain and simple: you can change the font, color and size, and that's it. Then again, if you're working with headline text, it offers some really great tools. You can change the appearance of the font by adding color, gradient color and texture. You can also add a shadow, highlight, background or border.


Print Perfect Deluxe is a solid creative printing software program, but it lacks some of the tools included in our higher-rated programs that allow more creativity.

Print Perfect Deluxe Visit Site